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Satahyvää 2020: Conference on Social, Health and Welfare Research in Satakunta Region

The first Conference on Social, Health and Welfare Research in Satakunta Region will take place on 21th of January at the University Consortium of Pori. In Satakunta region there are various organizations involved in research and development of social and health affairs. The conference will apprtoach the theme from different viewpoints across organizational, professional and sectoral borders. The event consists of keynote lectures, workshop sessions and a voluntary evening dinner. Researchers, developers, experts, students and other interested in the theme are welcome to participate.


The event consists of presentations and thematic workshop sessions, followed by an evening dinner and party. There will also be a chance to explore welfare technology equipment.

The main speakers of the conference will be:

  • Minna Harjula, Ph.D., Title of Docent, University Researcher, Tampere University
  • Heidi Luotolahti-Pitkäranta, Licentiate in Medicine, Chief Physician in Basic Security Services of Pori
  • Juho Saari, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor in Social and Health Policy, Tampere University
  • Hannu Järveläinen, MD, specialist, professor, Satasairaala

Call for Papers

Satahyvää 2020 conference will include interdisciplinary work-groups where it is possible to present a research or a development project. Students of higher education organizations are also welcome to join the groups and give presentations based on their theses. We are inviting papers widely related to the topics of for example:

  • Social and heath policy
  • Social, health and welfare service system, service experiences and the needs of service users
  • Physical, social and mental health and well-being, including medical research and research on rehabilitation
  • Health and welfare technology and digitalization
  • Professional expertise and its development in the field of social and health affairs
  • Engagement, exclusion and social relations
  • Well-being as lived and experienced

Please send your paper (200-250 words) by using the following form. The deadline for the abstracts is 30.11.2019. Please note that you can send an abstract even if your project does not completely match the description above!


To take part in the event, please register here .



The main venue is located in University Consortium of Pori (UCPori) (Pohjoisranta 11 a, 28101 Pori)

Registration (on the spot)

University Consortium of Pori, entrance hall


The nearest lunch restaurant is Sofia at UCPori. The shopping centre Puuvilla next to UCPori has abundant lunch offerings.


The walking distance from the bus and train station is approximately 2 kilometers. Local city busses operate between the station and Puuvilla area in quick.


The formal conference will be followed by an evening gathering – further info coming during the fall.

On the next day (22th of January) there will be two events in the University Consortium of Pori that go together with Satahyvää 2020 conference: Soteuttamo and Satarekry. Both events are primarly in Finnish, yet we encourage to participate.

Contact information

Contact person: Eeva Heikkilä, project secretary:

Facebook: Satahyvää 2020