Call for applicants for post-doc or visiting scholar positions at Tampere University (TAU) funded by the CSC-TAU scholarship

The application for ‘CSC Tampere University scholarship programme’ will be starting soon (for the application time and requirements, please check the website of the China Scholarship Council). The Sino-Finnish Research Center, JoLii, plans to set up two post-doctoral positions and a visiting scholar position, funded by the scholarship, to carry out a research project in collaboration with other scholars from Tampere University.

Project name: Building Sino-Finnish university-industry co-innovation networks

Project description: The project is for understanding the nature of synergy building between international university collaboration and international industry collaboration in the context of Sino-Finnish innovation cooperation. This is an interdisciplinary research project integrating social sciences and artificial intelligence. An article related to the research inquires in the research project can be found at:

Project supervisors:

Adjunct Professor Yuzhuo Cai, Faculty of Management and Business.

Dr. Yuzhuo Cai is a Senior Lecturer and Adjunct Professor at the Higher Education Group (HEG), Faculty of Management and Business, Tampere University, Finland. He has been with HEG for 18 years and has been the Acting Professor there from August 2013 to July 2014. He has rich experience in supervising doctoral students and CSC funded visiting scholars. His main teaching and research areas are higher education policy and management, innovation studies and internationalisation of higher education and institutional theory, with over 100 publications in these fields.

He is the (Finnish) Director of Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre, jointly coordinated by Tampere University and Beijing Normal University. He is serving as guest professor at the Institute of International and Comparative Education, Beijing Normal University, and the Institute of China’s Science, Technology and Education Policy (ICSTEP), Zhejiang University in China. He is a doctoral student supervisor at Peking University.  He is a board member of the Triple Helix Association and the senior associate editor of the Triple Helix Journal. He also serves as a topic editor of Sustainability journal.

Professor Martti Juhola, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences. Dr. Martti Juhola is a computer scientist with expertise on data analysis and machine learning applied to medical data in particular, but also increasingly more to areas that include data originating from society and technology. He has published around 300 journal and conference articles, supervised 28 PhD theses in Finnish universities, led several research projects and has been the head of a computer science department and the dean of an information sciences faculty.

Post-doc position 1 (Eligibility): Holding a PhD in the fields of science and technology studies, innovation studies, higher education studies, science policy or other related areas, preferably with social network analysis skills.

Post-doc position 2 (Eligibility): Holding a PhD in the field of data analytics, such as data mining, preferably with Matlab/R/Python language skills and experience of network analysis.

Visiting scholar position (Eligibility): Having rich experience in innovation or higher education studies, preferably with mixed methods skills.

Expectations from the applicants:

  • The applicants are encouraged to contact potential supervisors to discuss about their prospective research plans.
  • Although an overarching research topic has been provided, the applicants are expected to contribute to the research plans with their innovative ideas and add value.
  • Post-doc applicants are expected to stay at Tampere University for a duration between six months and two years.
  • Visiting scholar applicants are expected to stay at Tampere University for a duration between three months and one year.

Contact : Yuzhuo Cai (Email:; Martti Juhola (