6th JoLii conference to facilitate Sino-Finnish cooperation

On 15 -17, November, 2021 Tampere University hosted the 6th JoLii Conference – Education and Sustainable Development Goals online on the theme of Education and Sustainable Development Goals.

The Conference was a success with more than 200 registered participants from 30 countries, four keynote speeches, five panel discussions and 55 individual paper presentations.

JoLii is the abbreviation of the Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute. It is aimed to enhance Sino-Finnish education cooperation and exchange with higher quality through joint research, collaborative programs and experience sharing. The operation of JoLii activities in Tampere University is conducted through two centres in collaboration with Beijing Normal University:

  • Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre (Centre heads: Dr. Yuzhuo Cai, Tampere University; Professor Baocun Liu, Beijing Normal University)
  • Sino-Finnish Dual Degree Centre (Centre heads: Professor Ritva Kantelinen, University of Eastern; Dr. Yuzhuo Cai , Tampere University; Professor Ming Wang, Beijing Normal University)

The aim of this Conference was to exchange the research-based knowledge to support all levels of education and sustainable development not only in Finland and China, but also worldwide. And the online format allowed us to make it happen!

The keynote speeches and panel discussions included the following themes (among others):

  • Sustainability, ethics and the future of higher education
  • Finnish Higher Education Institutions’ Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals: Views from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
  • The Transformation of Knowledge Production Mode and the Research Ecosystem Innovation of Research University
  • Exploring the New Guidance on Education for Sustainable Development   for UK Higher Education Providers
  • Responsibility of universities in promoting adult and vocational education for environmental sustainability: cross-cultural collaboration towards planetary solutions
  • Reforms and practices in Chinese and Finnish education: lessons for addressing global challenges in education development with respect to SDGs?
  • Responsibility for Sustainable Development A cross-curriculum study of Finnish, German and Ghanaian textbooks messages

The conference also awarded three Best papers:

⭐Hacer Tercanli & Ben Jongbloed: A systematic literature review on living labs in higher education institutions: potentials and constraints

⭐Junfeng Zhang: What characterises an effective mindset intervention in enhancing students’ learning? A systematic literature review

⭐Chiyao Sun, Ji’an Liu, Yanru Xu: Information literacy, online knowledge sharing behaviour, and the innovation performance of postgraduates: An analysis based on mediation effect model

The 6th JoLii Conference Organising Committee is grateful to:

  • JoLii Board
  • JoLii team in China
  • Conference chairs: Dr. Yuzhuo Cai and Prof. Jaakko Kauko
  • Scientific committee Members and session chairs
  • Congress Office of Tampere university
  • Coordinator Yulia Shumilova
  • Technical assistants: Anu Lyytinen, Wenqian Hui, and Eva Sihombing
  • Sustainability journal and Tampere University for sponsoring the Best paper award

The conference is fully financed by GINTL funding. GINTL is the Global Innovation Network of Teaching and Learning, initiated by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture in 2021. With the financial resource from GINTL, the two JoLii Centres, co-coordinated by Tampere University, are planning to organise a series of activities facilitating Sino-Finnish education research and cooperation, such as:

  • the Workshop on Quality Assurance in Sino-Finnish Joint Degree Provisions,
  • Webinar Series on EU-China Dialogues on Education and Society,
  • Dual-Language Book Series on Chinese and Finnish Education in Global Societal Transformation.