Milestones of the Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre in 2023

With substantial support from stakeholders, experts, and followers of the Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre (SFERC) of JoLii, particularly its host institutions Tampere University and Beijing Normal University as well as the GINTL project, the centre has achieved remarkable progress in 2023. We would like to celebrate the following milestones:

  1. The GINTL/JoLii webinar series on Education and Society has organised 12 high-level discussions and debates on fundamental and current issues in education in Finland, China, and beyond.
  2. Our Peking-Tampere Lecture series on Organisation and Management in Higher Education has featured 11 lectures delivered by renowned scholars from Europe and the USA.
  3. A book titled ‘Organisational and Management Theories in Higher Education: Understanding the Changing Landscape’, based on the Peking-Tampere lecture series, has secured a contract with Edward Elgar.
  4. Three high-level workshops were organised: “Rethinking EU-China Science and Technology Cooperation” on 8th December in Tampere, “Rethinking Sino-Finnish Education Cooperation” on 27th October in Beijing, and “Rethinking the Relationship between Higher Education and Society in a Rapidly Changing World” on 17th August in Helsinki.
  5. The Quality Assurance Guidelines for the Sino-Finnish Education Centre have been completed in collaboration with the Sino-Finnish Double Degree Centre. The link to the Guidelines will be shared on SFERC website by 1 March 2024.
  6. The initiative to establish a Finnish education research centre in Hong Kong, emerging during the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) delegation’s visit to SFERC in Tampere, has come to fruition with the launch of the Global Institute for Finnish Education Research (GRIFE) at EdUHK in December 2023.
  7. SFERC has launched its YouTube channel, and we expect its visibility to be enhanced further.
  8. Dr. Yuzhuo Cai, co-director of SFERC, has been recognised in the 2023 Stanford/Elsevier’s Top 2% Scientist Rankings in the field of education, according to the Updated Science-wide Author Databases of Standardized Citation Indicators published by Elsevier in October 2023.
  9. The number of SFERC e-list subscribers has reached 1170! If you want to stay updated about our future events please fill in this form or reach out to Yulia Shumilova

We extend our gratitude to all who engage with SFERC. We remain committed to our missions of conducting research on Chinese and Finnish education, facilitating interactions between education research and policy development in both China and Finland, and developing a quality assurance system to support educational exchange and cooperation between the two countries.


Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash