Application Process and Evaluation

Updated on 14 March 2024

In 2024, the Tampere IAS is recruiting for two-year Fellowships nine (9) Postdoctoral Research Fellows and for three-year Fellowships six (6) Senior Research Fellows.

The Call for Applications 2024 is now closed.

The duration of the Postdoctoral Fellowship is two years, 1 Sept 2024-31 Aug 2026, and that of the Senior Fellowship three years, 1 Sept 2024-31 Aug 2027.

Applications for the researcher positions are evaluated only on the basis of scientific quality and ambition of the work plans demonstrated in the application documents.

The Selection Committee of the Tampere IAS shortlists the applicants. Applications are evaluated in three groups according to the focus areas of Tampere University, which are technology, health and society.

The shortlisted applications are evaluated by external expert evaluators. In assessing scientific quality, they take into account the characteristics of each scientific field.

All applications for the Fellowships at the Tampere Institute for Advanced Study are assessed against the following key evaluation criteria:

  • High academic quality and innovativeness of the work plan
  • Feasibility of the work plan

Based on the evaluations, the Selection Committee nominates the candidates and makes a proposal to the President of Tampere University, who appoints the Fellows.

In 2024, the selection decisions are expected to be finalized by mid-May.

Administratively, all the appointed Research Fellows will be members of the faculties of Tampere University.

Please check the details and instructions in the job postings carefully, then go to the FAQ first.

If any questions remain, please contact us at:


Juha Teperi, Director, +358 40 513 3714

Marjukka Virkajärvi, Coordinator, +358 50 318 6697