Updated 10 May 2023


7 June: Day Out with Families and Friends
17 May:
Open Colloquium on Interdisciplinarity
“Practising Interdisciplinarity – Towards More Robust and Productive Interdisciplinary Engagement” by Miles MacLeod (University of Twente) and Michiro Nagatsu (HELSUS at University of Helsinki)
26 April: Mentoring Scheme Follow-up
19 April: How to cope with the pressures of academic life and create meaningful academic careers?
15 March: Money, Money, Money – How Do I Gain Funding?
15 February: The Many Sides of Communication: How Do I Make My Research Visible?
Part II: Mainstream Media
02 February: Finnish Institutes of Advanced Study Meet in Helsinki


14 December: What Does It Take to Become a Successful Research Group Leader?
02 December: Training for Mentors and Mentees
01 December: Training for Mentors and Mentees
16 November: The Many Sides of Communication – How Do I Make My Research Visible?
Part I: Social Media
12 October: Kick-off of Cluster Activities
04 October: Introducing the Mentoring Scheme to the New Fellows
22 September: Supervisor Workshop
12 September: Welcoming the New Fellows
30 May: Mentoring Workshop
26 March: Tampere IAS as a source of mutual inspiration and support
16-17 March: Mentoring Workshop
19 January: Third Workshop for Fellows and Mentors (online)


09 December: Mentoring Workshop
11 November: Seminar and Workshop
06 October: Kick-off Event (online)