Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I eligible to apply

a. if my doctoral dissertation is now in the external pre-examination and I will be graduated after the application deadline?

b. if I haven’t yet defended my PhD but already have permission to defend the PhD?

c. if I have the certificate of the doctoral degree dated after the application deadline?

No, you’re not.

  • Do I have to have completed my doctoral degree and have the certificate of my doctoral degree at hand before the application closing deadline?

Yes, you do.

To apply for the Senior Fellowship, you must have completed your doctoral degree no less than 3 years before the application deadline, 7 March 2022, that is, at the minimum 3 years before the end of the call. If you completed yours less than 3 years ago, it makes you eligible to apply for the Postdoctoral Fellowship only.

  • If I already have another funding for the same research period, is it possible to have the Fellowship and the other funding at the same time?

No, it isn’t.

  • What if my current funding continues only a few months after the start of the IAS research period on 1 September 2022?

You are eligible to apply and the funding arrangements will be dealt with case by case.

  • Can I postpone the IAS research period by a year/two years?

No, you can’t, but you can apply again after one year/two years.

  • Is there any chance that I can get a permanent position after the IAS period at Tampere University?

If there are open positions in the faculties, you can apply for them.

  • Are any recommendation letters welcomed/required?

No, they aren’t – Please use the cover letter for this purpose.

  • Do you take into account family leaves / e.g., a two-year absence from working life due to childcare?

Yes, we do, according to Finnish legislation and Tampere University HR policy and regulations.

  • Are the fellowships focused on any specific theme?

No, they aren’t.

  • Can a Fellow get an extension to their fixed-term fellowships?

No, all the Fellowships are fixed term and end on 31 August 2024.

  • Can a research group obtain funding from the Tampere IAS?

No, it can’t.

  • Can I come to work in the Tampere IAS on another funding?

No, you can’t – Please turn to the faculties of Tampere University.

  • In the job advertisement it is mentioned that the Fellows are assumed to work regularly/ be mainly physically present on the premises of the university/faculties. Does this mean an obligation to be present?

Yes, it does, after the pandemic has subsided.

  • When providing information about the maximum word count, the advertisement states that the overall total must include “a list of references to the used literature as footnotes”. Does this mean that all cited literature should be presented in the footnotes?

Yes, it does. There’s no need for an additional, separate list of cited literature at the end of the work plan.