TCuPS is a multidisciplinary research group within the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Tampere. Within the group, questions of power and politics are approached from a cultural, constructionist and neoinstitutionalist perspective. This means that the phenomena studied are conceived as contingent historical creations, best made sense of by relating people’s actions and routine assumptions to the institutional context in which they live, for instance to the nation-state as a worldwide institution. The main focus is on epistemic governance of global change and the domestication of global trends to nation states and other local contexts. Research in the group mostly examines the ways in which policy and governance revolve around the production of knowledge and knowledge practices to produce national policies that end up looking very similar the world over. The research focuses on global models and the spread and use of fashionable concepts, and how trans-national ideas are domesticated in different countries and local contexts. Studies also deal with international organizations and NGOs, as well as the role of intellectual and moral authority in national politics.

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