MDP in Global and Transnational Sociology (GTS)

TCuPS organizes its own, highly ranked Master’s degree programme in Global and Transnational Sociology (GTS). High-quality research into the policy and cultural complexities of globalisation. MDP in Global and Transnational Sociology (GTS) is a high-quality programme especially suited for students aiming at careers in social research, policy analysis and consultation, media, international organisations, and international development.

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Experiences of our GTS’s former students

We were curious about the programme’s advantages in their professions and in their personal lives. We, then, collected experiences of earlier GTS students about the programme and their careers.

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Earlier master’s theses

The goal of Global and Transnational Sociology programme is to open a wide door to the world of interests: if you are interested in movements, political discourses, policies, NGOs, supranational structures etc., you can shape your interest together with us.

You can read about some of the topics our students chose for their master’s theses in here:


TCuPS – our research group

The integration of students into on-going research is through Tampere Research Group for Cultural and Political Sociology (TCuPS). One ongoing research project of TCuPS focuses on how COVID-19 effects the world system, offering recommendations about for future global crises. Another research project analyses policy debates in the EU and the role of identifications in political rhetoric.

Earlier projects have focused on a myriad of phenomena: How is morality hidden in policymaking in modern world society? How national policy-makers utilize international comparisons? How is communication and information technology used in everyday life? Researches are reflecting on current and relevant phenomena, offering students a chance to follow pioneering scientific work closely.

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TCuPS member talking about his studies:

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