Coriolanus project (2015 – 2016)

Taking the text of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus as a basis for study, students from both
the University of Tampere (Finland) and Coventry University (UK) worked on a small section of
the script (3:3) in both Finnish and English. A ‘virtual space’ was created in both locations
through the re-purposing of videoconferencing technology and the use of large rear projection
screens, high speed internet connections and unidirectional, hypercardioid
microphones. Moreover, a unified spatial design and a careful use of lighting gave the actors
the illusion that they were occupying the same physical space.

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Interviews with students

Interviews with students

The coriolanus online project
Mikko Kanninen, Tiina Syrjä, Tom Gorman
Access to Document: 10.1145/2994310.2994352