REMIX1918 (January – February 2018)

A study of Dramaturgies in Immersive Performances, Immersive shifts and fade ins and outs.
Re-thinking the events of civil war on 1918. Igniting critical process of an individual visitor to
seek analogies in the Social structures of 1918 and contemporary Finland.

In co-operation with WERSTAS (The Finnish Labour Museum) the aim is to create a
performance that widens the possibilities of interaction and dialogue with the museum visitors.
Performance starts as a normal 2D-museum-video. It shifts through different virtual and
telepresence technologies back to “heightened reality” where actors from previous 2dvideo
interact with the visitor.

Together with the museum visitors the performers seek dialogue to develope presentation
directions and scout the topics that seems to interest visitors the most. The visitors decide for
themselves the degree and scale of immersion, presence and virtuality in the performance.