Journal Club

Welcome to VACCIM's monthly Immunology and Vaccine Research Journal Club!

The aim of the journal club is to get to know research beyond your immeadiate field by reading and discussing chosen papers for each meeting. In the meeting one (pre-determined) participant will shortly present the paper of the month, after which the paper will be discussed together. People outside of VACCIM interested in the research areas around immunology and vaccine research are warmly welcomed to join the Journal Club! There’s a possibility for students to get credits.

Time: The Journal Club is held monthly between November 2023 and June 2024. Meeting dates: 15.12.2023 (room F206), 26.1.2024, 23.2.2024, 22.3.2024, 26.4.2024, 24.5.2024 and 14.6.2024 at 9 am. Any changes to dates or times will be announced on VACCIM Journal Club email list

Place: Announced separately prior each event (VACCIM Journal Club email list)

Study credit evaluation: MSc and PhD students can obtain credits from the Journal Club. Participating in 5 events or participating in 3 events and presenting an article in one of these earns 1 ECTS. Maximum of 2 ECTS are available by participating in all 8 events and presenting in one of them.

For more info, please contact any of the responsible persons!

-Markus Ojanen (PhD), Martin González Rodriguez (MSc), Minne Jartti (MSc), Vesa Hytönen (Professor, PhD)