Antti Pemmari, MD, 2022: Macrophage and chondrocyte phenotypes in inflammation
Supervised by Tiina Leppänen and Eeva Moilanen
TAU news 4.9.2023: Best dissertations awarded on opening day

Vigneshkumar Rangasami, MSc, 2022: Immuno-engineering of cells and biomaterials for biomedical applications
Supervised by Oommen Podiyan Oommen

Meri Uusi-Mäkelä, MSc, 2022: Zebrafish as a model for human genetic and infectious diseases
Supervised by Mika Rämet

Anni Honkimaa, MSc, 2021: Molecular markers and drug treatment for persistent enterovirus infection in pancreatic cell lines
Supervised by Amir-Babak Sioofy-Khojine and Heikki Hyöty

Mirja Niskanen, MSc, 2021: A Zebrafish model for developing caccines against tuberculosis
Supervised by Mika Rämet and Henna Myllymäki

Kati Ådjers, MD, 2021: Genetics of inflammatory mediators of atopy and asthma in adults
Supervised by Mikko Hurme

Sanna-Kaisa Harjula, MSc, 2020: Zebrafish as a genetic model to study tuberculosis
Supervised by Mika Rämet and Mataleena Parikka

Elina Nummenmaa, MSc, 2020: TRPA1 as a novel factor and drug target in osteoarthritis
Supervised by Katriina Vuolteenaho and Eeva Moilanen

Tiina Keränen, MSc (Pharm), 2019: The MAP kinase / MAP kinase phosphatase-1 pathway in the anti-inflammatory effects of β2 -agonists and dexamethasone
Supervised by Riku Korhonen and Eeva Moilanen

Laura Korhonen, MD, 2019: Association between enterovirus infections during early life and atopy
Supervised by Maria Lönnrot and Heikki Hyöty

Mirka Laavola, MSc (Pharm), 2019: Immunomodulatory properties of wood biochemicals. Effects of inflammatory gene expression and inflammatory responses in vivo
Supervised by Riina Nieminen and Eeva Moilanen

Jutta Laiho, MSc, 2019: Molecular detection of enteroviruses in cell and tissue samples : Implications in type 1 diabetes
Supervised by Maarit Oikarinen and Heikki Hyöty

Markus Ojanen, MSc, 2019: Reverse genetics to study immunity against mycobacteria in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Supervised by Mika Rämet and Marko Pesu

Anni Saralahti, MSc, 2019: A Zebrafish model for host-pathogen interactions in streptococcal infections
Supervised by Mika Rämet and Samuli Rounioja

Lauri Tuure, MD, 2019: Microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1 in osteoarthritis
Supervised by Mari Hämäläinen and Eeva Moilanen

Laura Kananen, MSc, 2018: Aging-associated changes in the DNA methylome and characteristics of the epigenetic clock
Supervised by Mikko Hurme

Anna Koskinen-Kolasa, MD, 2018: Adipocytokines in osteoarthritis
Supervised by Katriina Vuolteenaho and Eeva Moilanen

Jake Lin, MSc, 2018: Metagenomic tools and applications toward type 1 diabetes
Supervised by  Matti Nykter and Heikki Hyöty