Cellular Test Networks

5G Test Network

The new 5G test network started operation during the end of 2019. The network operates at band n78 (3500 MHz) and provides coverage to the autonomic vehicle testing area in the backyard of Tampere University Hervanta campus. The main part of the 5G network is a large massive MIMO antenna with 64 antenna elements, which provides 4×4 MIMO capabilities as well as several beams in the antenna’s sector. The testnetwork utilizes Nokia’s core networks for both 4G and 5G networks as part of 5G test network Finland (5GTNF). The 5G test network operates with both standalone (SA) and non-stand alone (NSA) modes. A new mmWave test network will be taken into use during Fall 2023.

5G antenna on a roof
5G antenna on top of Kampusareena building providing outdoor coverage.

The indoor 5G test network was implemented during Summer 2021. It provides 5G coverage for the Kampusareena building to the first three floors through Nokia’s 5G and 4G pico cells. This enables e.g. indoor 5G positioning research in a real environment. The indoor 5G test network is also utilized in various teaching activities.

Indoor 5G test network example from Kampusareena 0th floor (library).
Indoor 5G test network.

TDD-LTE Test Network

The TDD LTE test network (TD-LTE) started operation in Fall 2018. The network operates at band 38 (2600 MHz) and provides mainly outdoor coverage throughout the whole campus area from the top of Kampusareena rooftop. The network is part of Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud network.

FDD-LTE Test Network

The first wireless 3GPP test network was implemented in 2005. Initially it consisted of two UMTS base stations. Nowadays, it has been replaced with LTE equipment and supports also NB-IoT features.

NB-IoT Test Network

The NB-IoT network operates within Tietotalo building in the Hervanta campus.

NB|DESK end devices utilized in the NB-IoT test network in Tietotalo building.