Illustration of positioning related topics.

Radio positioning and localization

Our research is focusing on developing high-efficiency device positioning algorithms and location-aware solutions and frameworks for enhanced network functionalities for future wireless networks. On this site, we shortly describe our focal research topics while the publications and online media material can be found behind the links below.

High-Efficiency Device Positioning

In future wireless networks, location information will play a key role not only in personal navigation and target tracking, but also in achieving the full potential of the available radio resources of the considered network infrastructure. While trying to meet the demanding future communication requirements, wireless radio networks are expected to be deployed with an increasing density of base stations employing large antenna arrays and wide bandwidths, which in turn creates a favorable environment for positioning due to increased resolution in both time and spatial domain.

Building on the existing standardization numerology and the expected future visions, our research group seeks to develop high-efficiency positioning algorithms that are able to track the locations of the desired targets in a continuous manner. Currently, the main focus is on developing positioning solutions for different mobility scenarios in the future 5G radio networks without assuming any dedicated positioning reference signals.

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Location-Awareness in Communications

Instead of utilizing the available location information only for typical personal navigation purposes, the awareness of the devices’ location can enable unforeseen functionalities in future communication networks, thus increasing the overall performance of the networks. In addition to a vast amount of different location-based services and applications such as intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and autonomous vehicles, location information is expected to be valuable also for various location-aware communication solutions like proactive radio resource management (RRM) and mobility management, for instance.

In the area of location-awareness research, we seek to develop concepts and algorithms for how the location information can be employed in wireless radio networks for enhanced communications and mobility management, or alternatively how such information can be offered to catalyze and enable appealing third-party location-based services like ITS and self-driving cars, among others.

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