We are multidisciplinary research group combining expertise in cell biology, stem cell technology, engineering and medicine. 

The objectives of our research projects are to increase knowledge on cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling human mesenchymal stem/stromal cell (MSC) behavior and differentiation and to use this knowledge to develop cell based and tissue engineered products for clinical use and as in vitro -models.  

Research interests include cell characterization, bone, soft and vasculature tissue engineering combined with biomaterial studies as well as different methods to guide MSC differentiation, e.g. chemical, mechanical and electrical stimulation. Furthermore, we study the molecular mechanisms controlling MSC differentiation and the regulation of MSCs’ immunogenicity and immunomodulatory properties. In addition to MSC, we are using endothelial cells, skeletal muscle cellsosteo- and chondroblasts and epithelial cells from urothelium and gynecological tissues for our research.  

We are developing in vitro models of adipose tissue, bone, bone marrow and skeletal muscle based on human stem and precursor cells. The tissue models are prepared using microfluidic chips, biomaterials, bioreactors and 3D bioprinting. 

Ongoing translational and clinical tissue engineering projects (large bone defects, uro-gynecological applications, incontinence) provide a strong link between basic cell biology, tissue engineering and patient care. Clinical projects are done in close collaboration with Regea Cell Center and Tissue Bank and clinicians.