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Group leader, Prof. Susanna Miettinen, PhD, Doc.
– Mesenchymal stem/stomal cells and primary cell cultures
– Tissue engineering applications
– Bioprinting
In vitro models
– Tissue engineering -based therapy for bone and incontinence applications utilizing mesenchymal stem/stromal cells
– Teaching on courses Tissue Biology and In vitro models
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Miina Björninen
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
– Development of a skeletal muscle model for studying metabolic diseases
– Bioprinting for bone applications
– Development of ex vivo testing for bone applications
– Electrical stimulation for in vitro applications
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Arjen Gebraad
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
In vitro models of bone tissue based on human stem and precursor cells
– 3D bioprinting of human bone marrow
– Role of bone marrow stem/stromal cells in treatments for multiple myeloma
Hanna Vuorenpää
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
– Vascularization of tissue models in Body-on-a-Chip Research
– Establishment of 3D white adipose tissue model for Body-on-a-Chip Research
– Characterization and validation of multicellular 3D in vitro models
– Teaching on Tissue Biology course and organization of In vitro models course
– Acting as the vice-PI of Assoc.Prof. Miettinen in Body-on-a-Chip Research consortium
– Active in the field of alternatives to animal testing
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Laura Hyväri
Doctoral Researcher
– Molecular mechanisms controlling MSC differentiation
– Role of cell adhesion and actin cytoskeleton in regulation of MSC adipogenesis and osteogenesis
– Bioactive glasses in osteogenic differentiation
Miia Juntunen
Doctoral Researcher
– Development of allogenic adipose stem cell -based therapies – influence of cell culturing conditions and donor characteristics and definition of efficacy in stroke models
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Alma Kurki
Doctoral researcher
– Development of novel poly(-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) based scaffolds for regenerating urethral and pelvic floor defects
– Regeneration of functional urothelium and supportive fascial tissue
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Anastasiia Mykuliak
Doctoral Researcher
– vascularized bone-on-a-chip
– Studying extravasation of prostate cancer cells to bone utilizing in vitro models
– Bone tissue modelling with composite scaffolds
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Alma Yrjänäinen
Doctoral Researcher
– Development of three-dimensional adipose tissue model
– Development Nordic research networking in Organ-on-a-Chip research
– Assistance for cell culture courses
– Scientific communication and pitching
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Amna Adnan
– Adipose stromal/stem cell (ASC) immunoregulation capacity
Marwa Elshahat
Visiting Researcher
– Effect of obesity and diabetes mellitus type II on human adipose stromal/stem cell Immunomodulatory and anti-oxidative capacities
– Monitoring the activation, proliferation and differentiation of CD4 T cells after coculture with diabetic vs normal hASC and mechanisms mediating hASC immunomodulation
Kaarlo Paakinaho
Visiting Researcher
– Bone and soft tissue implant material development
In vivo and clinical research for orthopaedic and soft tissue applications
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Sanna Pitkänen
Visiting Researcher
– Bone and soft tissue implant material development
In vivo and clinical research for orthopaedic and soft tissue applications
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Reetta Sartoneva
Visiting Researcher
– Tissue engineering for gynecological applications
Ana Colucci Climent
Research Assistant
Promise Emeh
Research Assistant
Emma Hovinen
Research Assistant
Lotta Isosaari
Research Assistant
– Development of three-dimensional neuro-vascular model in microfluidic platform
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Sanna Koskimäki
Research Assistant
Ella Lampela (Bachelor’s thesis)
Research Assistant
– Optimizing 3D imaging protocols for engineered skeletal muscle myobundles.
Roope Ohlsbom
Research Assistant
Differentiating osteocytes from BMSCs in collagen type I gel  
Rosanna Silén
Research Assistant
– 3D Bioprinting and bioink development for bone applications
– The effect of nano-hydroxyapatite on GelMA-CNF based hydrogel in bioprinting for bone applications
Vilma Jokinen
MSc Student
– Skeletal muscle differentiation of adipose stem/stromal cells in myoblast cocultures
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Anna-Maija Honkala
Laboratory Analyst
– laboratory maintenance and management 
– cleanroom operations related to cell therapies
Sari Kalliokoski
Medical Laboratory Technician
– laboratory maintenance and management
– cleanroom operations related to cell therapies
Anna Vallius
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