Vilma presented her work in IEEE Sensors 2023 Conference

Vilma presented her work titled Influence of Material Properties on the Performance of Highly Stretchable Pneumatic Strain Gauges in IEEE Sensors 2023 Conference.

Vilma spent five days in Vianna in IEEE Sensors 2023 Conference.

Poster abstract:

A meandering microfluidic channel in a soft elastomeric material works as a pneumatic strain gauge. The channel deforms under external forces, changing its fluidic resistance. This fluidic resistance can be measured by measuring pressure drop over the channel. We made strain gauges by casting four different elastomers of varying stiffness (Sylgard 184, Dragon Skin 30, Ecoflex 00-50 and Ecoflex 00-30) into microfabricated molds. Here we report the effects of material choice on the performance of the sensor under strain and compression. The sensors fabricated from stiffer elastomers proved effective in detecting smaller strains and higher compressive forces, while softer sensors were more suitable for larger strains and smaller compressive forces.

Vilma Lampinen

Vilma Lampinen