CAPCULT, Capitalizing Culture – Transnational Re-articulations of Economy and Culture

The project is tracing the mechanisms of cultural capitalization and re-articulations of economy and culture through several cases. The cases include national branding, the transnational circulation of the term ‘cool’ in national branding, shifting boundaries of the public domain, capitalization of yoga, cultural statistics, creative industries and creative labour. The three-year (2010–2012) project is funded by the Academy of Finland.

Although based in Tampere, the research group consists of participants working in five universities and two national research organizations, one of which is based in London.

Summary of research plan

International advisory board

Professor Anne Allison (Cultural Anthropology, Duke University)

Professor Lawrence Grossberg (Communication Studies and Cultural Studies, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Professor Shuhei Hosokawa (International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Nichibunken)

Professor Koichi Iwabuchi (Media and Cultural Studies, Waseda University)

Professor Susan J. Napier (German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literature Department, Tufts University)

Professor Philip Schlesinger (Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow)

Derek Scott (School of Music, University of Leeds)

Professor Liisa Uusitalo (Department of Marketing and Management, Helsinki School of Economics)

Professor Shunya Yoshimi (Interfaculty Initiative of Information Studies, University of Tokyo).

Contact information

Research group leader, professor Mikko Lehtonen, mikko.s.lehtonen[at]

Senior researcher, docent Katja Valaskivi, katja.valaskivi[at.]