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The “girlbosses” of YouTube. Entrepreneurial femininity in the era of neoliberal media work
The PhD dissertation is about YouTube’s lifestyle channels and female youtubers who identify themselves as “girlbosses”.

The Good, the Mean Publicity. A case study on refugee crisis with its consequences in anti-immigrant alternative media in Finland over 2015–2017
The focus of the dissertation research is on Finnish-language MV-lehti, founded in 2014, which is one of the most well-known online publications contesting mainstream media. The case study approaches the topic from six news cases in Finland and the United Kingdom.

Information and emotions in the refugee debate
The project explores public debates and understandings of the refugee crisis in digital media environment.

Intimacy in data-driven culture
The project develops experimental methods for studying data leakage and advance open, socially sustainable solutions for collecting, sharing, managing and using data.

Je suis Charlie – The symbolic battle and struggle over attention

Large Databases in Studying the History of War Experiences (STASKO)

Making Meaning Out of Meme-making – The Politics of Online Image Circulation (MEMEPOL)
The project studies how global power relations are maintained, reproduced and/or disrupted on everyday level though visual social media use that

Mediatization of governance. A study on media power in economic and environmental policy networks (MeGo)
The project provides an empirically grounded and theoretically elaborated view of the role of media in political decision-making and governance.

Podcast in journalistic work – tools for understanding the role of audio media in a multimedia environment
The project looks at what makes a podcast a special form of media and on what the effectiveness of audio media is based.

Presenting the Datavisualizations as a Part of Augmented Reality Story Telling (DELTA)

Racisms and public communications in the hybrid media environment (HYBRA)
The project explores how racism is constituted, defined, circulated and challenged in today’s transnational media circuits and practices.

Reuters Institute Digital News Report – Key Findings in Finland
The project composes a report that presents the key findings of Reuters Institute Digital News Study in Finnish from the point of view of Finland.

VIRJOX – Engaging services in virtual reality
The project aims to ideate, create, develop, and evaluate innovative service concepts, service environments, and journalistic storytelling concepts for VR for real usage contexts.

Completed projects