Interaction | Influence | Participation

“Another day in paradise?” – External interference, threats and harassment experienced by Finnish journalists

Digital Face (DIFA)
The project studies networked interaction and how people present themselves to others.

Emotions and responsibility in immersive journalism (EMORES)
Emotional effects of VR-journalism in the context of journalism ethics.

The “girlbosses” of YouTube. Entrepreneurial femininity in the era of neoliberal media work
The PhD dissertation is about YouTube’s lifestyle channels and female youtubers who identify themselves as “girlbosses”

Information and emotions in the refugee debate
The project explores public debates and understandings of the refugee crisis in digital media environment.

Making Meaning Out of Meme-making – The Politics of Online Image Circulation (MEMEPOL)
The project studies how global power relations are maintained, reproduced and/or disrupted on everyday level though visual social media use that utilizes humor.

Significant interpersonal communication experiences of patients with type 2 diabetes
The main research question is how the significant interpersonal communication experience with a health care professional is associated with to the self-management of a patient with type 2 diabetes.

Twitter as a Communication Channel for Finnish CEOs
The purpose of the project is to understand how CEOs of Finnish publicly listed companies utilise Twitter to communicate on behalf of themselves and the company they are representing and what kind of Twitter use strategies are connected to a successful Twitter presence.

Completed projects