Visual culture

Digital Face (DIFA)
The project studies networked interaction and how people present themselves to others.

Emotions and responsibility in immersive journalism (EMORES)
Emotional effects of VR-journalism in the context of journalism ethics.

Envisioning climate change
The project analyzes and develops theoretical understandings of visual traces of climate change from media users’ perspectives.

The “girlbosses” of YouTube. Entrepreneurial femininity in the era of neoliberal media work
The PhD dissertation is about YouTube’s lifestyle channels and female youtubers who identify themselves as “girlbosses”

Improving Public Accessibility of Large Image Archives (IPALIA)
This multidisciplinary project aims at improving public accessibility of large image databases and collections.

Making Meaning Out of Meme-making – The Politics of Online Image Circulation (MEMEPOL)
The project studies how global power relations are maintained, reproduced and/or disrupted on everyday level though visual social media use that utilizes humor.

Photojournalism Ethics in the Age of Social Media and Digital Circulation
The aim of the research is to study the effects that the digital circulation of news images and social media cause for the professional photojournalism and image brokering.

Post-Digital Epistemologies of the Photographic Image (PEPI): Photographic Truth Following the Digitalisation of the Media Landscape
The multidisciplinary PEPI consortium combines journalism/media studies, experimental psychology and artistic research.

Presenting the Datavisualizations as a Part of Augmented Reality Story Telling (DELTA)

Visual representation of climate change in journalism
The aim of the PhD project is to study the ways in which future has appeared in Finnish journalism vis-à-vis readings of interconnected changes in journalism, social reality and the relations between journalism and other institutions in the post-war history of Finland.

Visual Studies Lab
Brings together several research projects, including Digital Face (DIFA), Post-Digital Epistemologies of the Photographic Image (PEPI), Banal Surveillance (Bansur) and Imag(in)ing Democracy (ImagiDem).

Completed projects