Nature-based rehabilitation intervention for depressive patients: Randomized Controlled Trial, 2019-2021

Luontolähtöinen interventio kuntoutusmuotona masennuspotilailla: satunnaistettu kontrolloitu tutkimus, 2019-2021

Rahoittaja KELA. Yhteistyökumppanit Tampereen Kaupunki: Mielenterveys- ja päihdepalvelut ja Avopalvelut, Vastaanottotoiminta; Finla Työterveys; Jyväskylän yliopisto.

The study is funded by Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland. Collaborators include City of Tampere: Mental health and Substance Abuse Unit and Non-institutional and Housing Services, Finla Occupational Health.

Research collaboration: University of Jyväskylä: University researcher Katriina Hyvönen, University lecturer Eija Räikkönen, Professor Taru Feldt; Tampere University: Project researcher Kirsi Salonen, Project assistant Jane-Veera Paakkolanvaara, Professor Kalevi Korpela.

Creating a virtual restorative environment:
RestiVE 2019

The project is funded by Business Finland as a co-creation project. Research collaboration (TAU): TAUCHI, The Faculty of Management and Business, Psychology. Project researcher Dr. Tomi Nukarinen, Professor Kalevi Korpela.

Restoration, awareness-enhancement and nature walks (RestoWalk), 2016-2018

The project examines the role of psychological tasks in enhancing restoration during nature walks. The tasks are aimed at enhancing attention restoration and stress reduction. The field experiments are conducted in two different types of natural environments, a coniferous forest in Ikaalinen (2016) and Hatanpää Arboretum, an urban park near central Tampere (2017). The project is funded by the Kone Foundation, and other collaborators include Ikaalinen Spa, the city of Tampere and Polar Electro Finland.

Research collaboration: Korpela, Pasanen, Lee & Johnson.

Facebook: Kävelytutkimus Hatanpäällä 2017

Development of the Favorite Place Questionnaire (FPQ); Finnish and Hungarian versions, 2017-

Research collaboration: Korpela, Sallay & Martos.

Favorite Urban Places Study, 2018-

Research collaboration: Subiza Perez, Bornioli, de Bloom, Lee, Ratcliffe, Pasanen & Korpela.

Relationships between place memory, place attachment, and restorative environments, 2015-2017

A research project based at University of Tampere, Finland, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. The project examined place memory as a predictor of restorative perceptions and outcomes in favourite places, and the extent to which this relationship is mediated by place attachment.

Recovery from work stress: Integrating perspectives of work and environmental psychology, 2012-2016

Funded by the Academy of Finland. Recovery from work stress