Democracy Research Network // Studia Generalia Lecture Series

Three members of Insurgent Spatial Practices will share of their work as part of lecture series organized by Tampere University Democracy Research Network.

When: April 6 2022 at 5 pm – to 7 pm // Where: Väinö Linna -hall, Tampere University and online

Lecture 5. Aktiivinen kansalaisuus/Active citizenship

  • Mikko Kyrönviita: Kenen kaupunki? Kansalaisten itseorganisoituminen kaupunkikehittämisessä (In Finnish)
  • Elina Alatalo: Hiedanrannan sauna: Uudenlaista kansalaisosallisuutta (In Finnish)
  • Dalia Milián Bernal: From spaces of insurgent citizenship to insurgent spatial practices: Democratizing urban space in theory and practice. (In English)

Tampere University Democracy Research Network organizes a multidisciplinary Studia Generalia -lecture series to present and discuss contemporary democracy research at TAU. The lectures are open and free to everyone inside and outside academia. The lecture series is bilingual.