Flexible Supercapacitor goes to Science Pitching Competition

Zhao Fu, Asian male with classes

Zhao Fu will participate the Science Night Live at Heureka (Finnish Science Center) as one of the six final Science Pitching Competition finalists on 29 March. He will give a science pitch titled Supercapacitor - An Efficient and Eco-friendly Solution to Energy Crisis.

The Science Night Live is a new science communication event that is targeted at everyone, from researchers and experts to the media and general public. The theme is Science Solving Problems. The event is organized jointly by E2 Research, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, and the Finnish Science Center Heureka. The work is supported by a Dean Team representing eight Finnish universities. Tieteen tiedotus is funding the event.

This science pitching competition is one of the programs in Science Night Live event. The participants are foreign researchers in Finland. The competition aims at presenting science to the general public and presenting international talents to the Finnish employment market.

Science Pitching Competition
Science Night LIVE Event program