MSc Hamed Pourkheirollah’s doctoral dissertation on Friday December 15th 2023

Printed Supercapacitors for Energy Storage and Functional Applications: Modeling, Analysis, and Integration

MSc. Hamed Pourkheirollah delves into the intricate realm of supercapacitors (SCs). The work provides a comprehensive exploration of supercapacitors, their behavior, modeling, and application. It focuses on charging and discharging dynamics within series-connected SC modules under varying load conditions. The developed models offer practical solutions for real-world applications.

The defense will take place in auditorium TB109 located in the Tietotalo building. Professor Davide Deganello from Swansea University, UK, will serve as the opponent, and Professor Donald Lupo from Tampere University will act as the Custos. The work has also been co-supervised by Professor Matti Mäntysalo from Tampere University.

The dissertation is accessible online through this link.

Online link for the remotely joining audiences

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