New personnel - Research Assistants

Janett Hilgenfeld (from left), Matti Perkiömäki, Valtteri Puputti, Erica Saini and Jonne Tissari joined LFE to work as Research Assistants.

Janett is in the last semester of her master`s course in material science at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. The topic of her master`s thesis at the Fraunhofer Institute of Reliability and Microintegration has been the processing and examination of stretchable electronic interconnects based on PDMS. Janett stays as research assistant for 5 months at LFE until the end of September. Her tasks are processing and evaluation of conformal coating and direct printing (Aerosol Jet Printing) processes.

Matti is a second year student majoring in electronics and embedded systems. He is interested in physics and mathematics and excited to be a part of the multidisciplinary work environment of LFE. He feels lucky to be a part of researching new methods and materials for transistor fabrication and the new applications that go with them.

Valtteri is currently majoring in electronics at TAU. He is also interested in wireless, microsensors and embedded systems. As a research assistant his focus is on circuit design in sensors. In his work he will also research how to utilize SoCs with this kind of applications. Valtteri is eager to learn from this experience, and he is very pleased to work at LFE as a research assistant.

Erica is a first-year electronics student at TAU majoring in Electronics and Embedded Systems. Her work as a research assistant focuses on the fabrication and structure of tunnel diodes made of sustainable, biodegradable materials as part of the SOIL project. Erica is keen on making the most of this opportunity.

Jonne is an electronics student at TAU. He is interested in fabricating electronics from more eco-friendly materials, and this is what he will be able to do this summer while working in TESLA project. In the TESLA project, Jonne focuses on developing degradable energy storage modules by 3D-printing.