Equipment and infra

We have laboratory facilities for research in microsystem technology including laboratories for

Furthermore, we have more than 300 m2 of class 5/6 (US 100/1000) cleanroom space shared with Photonics laboratory of TAU for the farication of microsensor prototypes and microfluidic structures.

Furthermore, we have >300 m2 shared class ISO 5/6 (US 100/1000) cleanroom space with Photonics laboratory of TAU for fabrication of microsensor prototypes and microfluidic structures.”

We have access to Tampere Microscopy Center and through collaboration we also have access, e.g., to bioimaging facilities and laboratories for biomaterials research. We also share facilities with research groups of  Bioinspired Materials and Robotics, Nanoscale Phenomena and Measurements and Sensor technology and Biomeasurements.

Below is a list of our main equipment – in our own and in the shared facilities.

SI-cleanroom, 2nd floor ^
SCT Orion series BC-3000 e-beam coater (“metallization device”) Fabrication of thin (10-1000 nm) metal and insulator films. Equipped with Meissner trap and Ion Source (Ar, N2, O2) for sputter etching and reactive deposition. Evaporation materials: Ag, Al, Au, Cr, Cu, ITO, Mg, MgO, Pt, SiO2, Ti, etc. TR (TS)
Advanced Vacuum Vision 320 Mk II RIE (reactive ion etcher) Dry etching and plasma treatments. Gases: CF4, CHF3, SF6, Ar, O2 TR, LS
Bruker Dektak XT stylus profilometer Measurements of micro- and nanostructure dimensions in 2D and 3D LS, TR
Heidelberg Instruments µPG501 maskless exposure device Fabrication of chrome masks and micropatterning without physical mask. Resolution 1-2 µm. LS, TR
OAI 500 mask aligner 1-2 µm resolution TR, LS
Laurell WS-650Hzb-23NPPB spin coater Spinning photoresist or polymers on substrates TR, LS
Zeiss Axio Imager.A1m upside microscope with camera Max 500x magnification, DIC prism TR, LS
Finetech Fineplacer pico-MA microstamping device Transferring protein patterns etc. accurately (5 µm) on substrate TR
SI-cleanroom (1st floor)
Disco DAD3221 Dicing saw Cutting of glass, silicon etc. JV, MJ
Laurell spin WS-650MZ-23NPPB coater Spinning thiolenes on substrates JV, MJ
Bachur & Associates UV Exposure System Thiolene photolitograpy JV, MJ
Vacuum chambers Mainly used for degassing PDMS samples JV, MJ
DAC 150.1 FVZ Speedmixer Rapid mixing and grinding of materials that would otherwise require large amounts of time and/or effort to mix and/or grind. JV
SD101 Micro- and nanorobotics for fibre testing ^
Microrobotic characterization and testing systems for microscale materials Measurement of mechanical properties, such as axial stiffness, bending stiffness, and interfacial strength, of microscale materials (fibres, membranes, hydrogels). Handling of microscale parts and biological objects. MK, OT
SD103 Analysis Lab
Merck Millipore Direct-Q 3 deionized water system With Millipak and Biopak (endotoxin and RNAse –free water) end filter options JK


Thermo Scientific SL 8 Centrifuge AS
RS Biotech Mini Galaxy A incubator JK, JV
Cheos Vibra-Cell Ultrasonic Processor tip sonicator 750 W, 20 kHz, with converter and probe AS
Leica Inverted microscope 25x, 10x, 4x magnification JK, JV
Agilent 4396B 1.8 GHz circuit analyzer Circuit-, spectrum- and impedance analysis JK, JV
Bionavis SPR-Navi 210A-3L multiparametric SPR-device Surface reaction kinetics, thin film characterization, refractive index determination. 2 flow cells; 4 lasers: 670 nm and 785 nm in both flow cells (one will be changed to 980 nm); Angle range: 40-78; Autosampler for 5 (6) samples; Electrochemical cuvette included JK, JV
Attension Theta Lite optical goniometer (Biolin Scientific AB, Sweden) For contact angle measurements JK, JV
Precisa XR 205SM-DR precision scale max. 205 g; resolution 0.01 mg
With ionization gate (HAUG PRX U) to reduce effects of static charge
Ocean Optics JAZ spectrometer DR, HV
Ivium Iviumstat potentiostat Impedance and CV measurements and electroplating etc. TR, AK
Memmert UN 55 oven With cable feed-through possible, Tmax 300°C JK, JV
Glaxy MiniStar microsentrifuge JK, JV
Sentron SI600 pH meter JK, JV
Falco systems DC-5 MHz High Voltage Amplifier WMA-300 Amplifier for piezo  measurements JK, JV
SD104 3D printer room ^
Formlabs Form 2 SLA printer Stereolithography printer with several technical resin options
Form Wash and Form Cure for finishing parts
3D-printer (Prusa i3 MK2) Contains four printing heads for printing different plastic materials simultaneously. JV2
3D-printer (Prusa i3 MK3)
Mosaic Palette + Palette+ splices together filament and feeds them to 3D printer. Print multi-material and multi-color using printers equipped with only 1 print head.
Polysher For finishing 3D printed PVB objects AK
Formlabs Form 3 SLA printer
SD105 Microfluidics Lab
Diener PCCE Plasma Cleaner Surface treatment
Oxyge, nitrogen plasmas
Fan Assisted Oven (Memmert UF55) Convection oven for baking/annealing at temperatures up to 300 °C. JK, JV
Laurell WS-650MZ-23NPPB Spin coater Only for spinning thin layers of PDMS elastomer JK, JV
Vacuum chambers, Leybold vacuum pump Mainly used for degassing PDMS samples; diameters 15 cm, 20 cm and 28 cm JK, JV
Kurabo Mazerustar Mixer Mixing fluids, up to high viscosities; degassing JK, JV
Kojair PCR cabinet QCC 052 For contamination-free sample handling JK, JV
SMT M03TE-2V gas mixer Mixing gasses (N2, O2 and CO2)
N2 fixed, O2 and CO2 adjustable 0-20%
Stable Microsystems TA.XTplus texture analyzer For force-distance measurements e.g. compression, bending, tension, and adhesion
0.5 kg and 10 kg load cells, several probes
Piezo setup Includes: RF power amplifier Electronics&Inoovations 1040L, Alladin programmable syringe pump AL1000 (2 devices), BASEL acA2040 camera, micromanipulator KY
Optical setup Alladin programmable syringe pump AL1000 , BASEL acA2040 camera, micromanipulator KY
 X series multifunctional DAQ, NI USB-6356 KY
Four channel pneumatic control board AK
TAS Micro Temperature chamber Temperatures from -40 °C to +180 °C, liquid-nitrogen cooling AK
SD107a Optical Measurements and Characterization ^
Zeiss Axio Observer.Z1 inverted, semi-automated optical microscope with camera Max. 200x magnification; Contrast Methods: Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase Contrast, DIC, Fluorescence
(DAPI, GFP, mcherry etc.); Special Imaging Capabilities: Z-Stack, Tile Imaging
JK, HV (+AS)
SE209a Cell Culture Lab ^ Clean room 22 m2, dedicated only for cell culture work
Kojair laminar cabinet AS
Binder CB150 incubator Test environment for structures for bio-applications
37 °C, 5% CO2
Zeiss Primovert optical microscope 4x and 10x magnification
With phase contrast and camera
SD108 Organ-on-a-chip Lab
Mitutoyo ID-H0530 Digimatic Indicator For e.g. thickness measurements
Microfluidic test bench LabVIEW based softwares, imaging with motorized zoom and focus, different kinds of pumps, dispensers, pressure controllers, and various sensors for flow (gas and liquid), pressure (in gas or liquid media), and temperature.
Euromex US 601 Stereomicroscope
SD106 Physiological Measurements
Victor2 1420 multilabel reader (Wallac, Perkin-Elmer) Time resolved fluorescence wellplate reader. Filters for europium chelates (Ex: ~340 nm, Em: ~615 nm) AV, MP
Sutter Instruments P-2000 capillary puller Pulling capillaries with your own parameters AV, MP
SphygmoCor XCEL PWA & PWV Carotid-Femoral pulse wave velocity and central (aortic) blood pressure estimation MP
SD107b Microsensors and eNose
ChemPro 100i Ion Mobility Spectrometer For gas analysis MK2
Differential Ion Mobility Spectrometer For gas analysis MK2
Sensodyne Gilibrator 2 Primary calibrator for flow measurements MK2
CO2 laser MK2
Spelleman SL50 High voltage source MK2
SE209b Nanoscale Phenomena and Measurements Laboratory
Automatic film applicator coater (ZAA 2300 Zehntner) Motorized coater equipped with a heated stage with a vacuum for substrate attachment. Wire-bars and applicator available for coating. ST
Bioprinter (Nordson EFD) Dispenser-type three-head printer for solution phase materials, e.g. for cells in the media or hydrogel. Printer robot model is Nordson EFD E4V and it is equipped with one Ultimus V and two Performus V dispensers. Printer is equipped with a temperature controlled stage with Lauda liduid circulation cooler system. ST
Freeze dryer (Epsilon 2-4 LSCplus) Pilot scale benchtop freeze dryer with a heat-controlled shelf in the chamber and external bottle-plugs. Epsilon 2-4 LSCplus unit has an internal ice condenser temperature with a minimum of -85°C and is available with one shelf with 0.11 m2 useable surface area and four bottle-plug positions. ST
Mechanical shaker and force measurement setup A mechanical shaker (Brüel & Kjaer Mini-Shaker Type 4810) for applying sinusoidal force e.g. on a force sensors elements. Equipped with static and dynamic for sensors. Connected to a measurement card with charge amplifier. ST
Zeiss Primotech optical microscope Contains top and bottom lighting options. Magnification from x5 to x100. Equipped with polarizer and camera for image capture. ST
Memmert UF 55 oven Fan-assisted oven, Tmax 300 °C ST
MTI EC400 dicing saw Cutting of glass, silicon etc. MK2, TR
 SD116 Electronics workshop
TPT HB05 wire bonder Bonding microchips on circuit board etc. MJ
Other equipment
BD-20ACV Laboratory Corona Treater 230V corona discharge device Surface treatments (e.g. for treating PDMS for bonding)
Micromanipulation platform Manipulation of micro-objects e.g. fiber-like objects (paper fibers) and living cells
Nikon TS100-S inverted fluorescence (FITC, T-red) microscope (xyz-controlled) Mainly for microfluidics and structure characterization but also for biological samples
Vötsch VT4021 temperature chamber -40°C…+180 °C
SPR device (TUT made) Surface plasmon resonance measurements
Multi Channel Systems MEA-IT120 Impedance measurements of Multi Channel Systems 120 electrode MEAs at 1 kHz TR
Multi Channel Systems MEA-IT60 Impedance measurements of Multi Channel Systems 60 electrode MEAs at 1 kHz TR
Multi Channel Systems MEA-1060-Up headstage Stand-alone headstage for Multi Channel Systems 60 electrode MEAs TR, DR
Signal Recovery 7265 Lock-in amplifier Dual Phase DSP Lock-in Amplifier, frequency range of 1 mHz to 250 kHz, full-scale voltage sensitivities down to 2 nV and current sensitivities to 2 fA (included in TUT made SPR device) ???, TR
Equipment in other Hervanta laboratories
Wyko NT1100 optical profilometer 3D micro- and nanocharacterization
Located at Photonics Laboratory

* CONT = responsible persons related to different equipment. Names related to the abbreviations in the table are listed below:

AK = Anastasia Koivikko

AK = Antti Karttu

AS = Anne Skogberg

AV = Antti Vehkaoja

DR = Dhanesh Rajan

HV = Hannu Välimäki

JK = Joose Kreutzer

JV = Jari Väliaho

JV2 = Juhani Virtanen

KY = Kyriacos Yiannacou

LS = Lassi Sukki

MJ = Marika Janka

MK = Markus Kakkonen

MK2 = Markus Karjalainen

MP = Mikko Peltokangas

OT = Olli Tanhuanpää

TR = Tomi Ryynänen

TS = Timo Salpavaara