CoEBoC 2018-2025

Together with five other research groups we form a Centre of Excellence in Body-on-Chip Research, CoEBoC. Funded by Academy of Finland, the multidisciplinary research consortium develops a new “Body-on-Chip” platform for modelling the function of human tissues and diseased states. The platform consists of several cultured vascularised and innervated tissue blocks. Our role is to develop microfluidic chips and sensors to be used in the CoEBoC’s applications.

FibreNet 2018-2021

We are the coordinator of an EU-funded MSCA-ITN project FibreNet. Fibrenet is a coalition of seven European universities and eight industrial organizations operating in the field of bio-based fibres with applications in biocomposites, paper & packaging and medical textiles. The 15 subprojects of Fibrenet all strive to bridge the knowledge-gap between the properties of fibres and fibre-based products in order to enable product tailoring, products with new functionalities and brand-new fibre products. The research involves fibre fuctionalization, characterization, modelling, and production related themes. Our own research is especially related to characterization of fibres using microrobotics and machine learning methods.

BF MEMO 2022-2024 and MEMO 2017-2021

Modular platform for modelling epilepsy in vitro, MEMO, develops a microfluidic in vitro model for epilepsy. Technology first develop in a project funded by the Academy of Finland and now the commercialization potential is investigated in a “from research to business” project funded by Business Finland.

ProScents 2019-2022

We are part of Programmable Scent Environments -project, ProScents. It is funded by Academy of Finland’s ICT 2023 research programme called Programmable World and Advanced Software Techniques. The project links scents to multisensory VR and creates methods for studying the functioning of the sense of smell and the relationship between memory and olfactory experiences. In ProScents, our group uses system integration and machine learning in developing scent synthesiser technologies and methods for analysing the scents.

FibData 2019-2021

We are coordinating the project Revolution in Data-Based Fibre Material Science Using Microrobotics and Computational Modeling, FibData. It is funded by Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation and Technology Industries of Finland Centennial through The Future Makers Program. In this project, we develop methods to reduce the use of raw materials and to aid R&D of fibre-based or fibre-reinforced products. We concentrate especially on understanding and providing better material interfaces, understanding the variety of the material properties and providing better structural designs. We develop automatic microrobotic system able to characterize mechanical properties of fibres and fibre-matrix interfaces in high throughput at micro- and nanoscales. The data obtained is further utilized by a project partner in numerical multi-scale material models that link fibre properties to product scale properties.

NUMOBIO 2021-2023

We are part of the project coordinated by VTT. The goal is to develop experimental and numerical methods to develop next generation biocomposites.

PRIME 2021-2024

We are part of the EU FET project “Personalised Living Cell Synthetic Computing Circuit for Sensing and Treating Neurodegenerative Disorders (PRIME)” coordinated by The Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland. The goal of the project is to provide a transformational diagnostic-therapeutic treatment for epilepsy and other neurological diseases.

SMELLODI 2022-2025

EU Pathfinder project “Smart Electronic Olfaction for Body Odor Diagnostics (SMELLODI)” coordinated by Dresden University of Technology in Germany. The project aims to develop intelligent electronic sensors that can detect and digitally transmit healthy and pathologically altered body odours.


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