The mission of our group is to develop autonomous systems for handling, treating and characterizing micro- and nanoscale samples and objects. We combine knowledge of automation and control engineering with microsystems and nanotechnology in order to develop novel functional systems in selected application areas.

Our core areas of expertice are:

  • microfluidics
  • microsensors and image-based measurements
  • microrobotics
  • automation and control of systems

The application areas we focus on are:

  • bio-MEMS in cell and tissue engineering
  • microrobotics for characterization of fibrous materials


Research activities in cell and tissue engineering

In cell and tissue engineering research, our goal is to develop methods and technologies to monitor and control the direction of stem cell differentiation and influence cellular functionality using automatic control, machine learning and bio-MEMS. We have developed concepts for microfluidic perfusion, drug delivery and gas supply, electrical and optical sensing systems, image-based cell measurements, cell guidance and alignment, and mechanical stretching of cells.


Material characterization and microassembly

In material characterization, our approach is to develop automatic and autonomous microrobotic technologies to characterize fibrous materials at the level of individual fibers. We have developed microrobotic technologies to characterize bonding strength of pulp fibers, contact angle of liquid on a fiber, flexibility of a fiber and friction between fibers. Check our videos at

Interested in collaboration?

If you are interested in building collaboration related to our areas of expertice, please contact Pasi Kallio (contact information below).


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