The courses introduced belong to the study module of Biomedical Micro- and Nanodevices *. The major provides a strong background for working on the fields of microtechnology and particularly utilizing them in biomedical applications. The major will cover micro- and nanoscale devices and systems such as microsensors, microactuators, microrobotics, microfluidics as well as wireless signal and power transfer technologies.

Our main courses that we teach are:

BMT-2316 Introduction to Microsystem technology

BMT-3016 Microactuators and Active Actuator Materials

BMT-3076 Microfluidics

BMT-3036 Sensors

BMT-3056 Design of Microsensors

BMT-7816 Biosensors

The implementation is done in cooperation with the groups of Bioinspired Materials and Robotics, Nanoscale Phenomena and Measurements and Sensor technology and Biomeasurements.



* The study module is part of the following Master’s Programmes: