Thesis topics

Below are some of the MSc and BSc thesis topics available in our group. For updated lists, follow

  • BMT-01907  Master’s Seminar
  • BMT-01900 Bachelor’s Seminar

Occasionally, were also have project-related thesis topics. For these topics, were have a recruitment porcess and the topics are announced separately.

MSc thesis topics:

BSc thesis topics:

For more information on an individual topic, contact the person mentioned in the parentheses.

  • Grey scale lithography (Tomi Ryynänen)
  • Are gluten free beers gluten free after all? (Tomi Ryynänen)
  • Why to measure the temperature changes of the cells? (Tomi Ryynänen)
  • Evaluation of the quality of cell culture media with inductively coupled sensors (Timo Salpavaara)
  • Testing of capacitive ECG-device (Timo Salpavaara)
  • Intracellular biocomputing circuits (Mariaana Savia)
  • Cardiomyocyte-based transducers (Mariaana Savia)