At present, Surface Science Group is engaged in the following projects:

  • SOFUS: Solar Fuel Synthesis – Mitigating the climate change by conversion of carbon dioxide and water into solar fuels (Funding: Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation)
  • APS-panel: Artificial Photosynthesis Panel – Mimicking the nature’s blueprint of sustainable energy production (Funding: Academy of Finland)
  • STEELY: Steely way to sustainable hydrogen economy – Thermally grown oxides on advanced iron alloys for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production by solar water splitting (Funding: Academy of Finland)

Finished projects:

  • FinEstBeaMS: MAX IV Infrastructure – FinEstBeaMS Solid State Materials Research (FIRI project)
  • PerforMant: Enhancing performance of artificial photosynthesis by engineered nanomaterials and photon management
  • Synchrotron radiation mediated research at MAX IV Laboratory (Lund University, Sweden):
    • The effect of minor alloying elements on the initial stages of surface oxide formation on FeCr alloys for biomedical applications
    • Core-level photoelectron and x-ray absorption spectroscopy of biofunctional layers on advanced metal alloys
    • Adsorption geometry and electronic structure of maleimide on silanized FeCr single crystal surface
  • FABRICS: Fabrication and service performance of advanced stainless steels for demanding exhaust applications
  • NanoFinish: Nanostructures and finishing of advanced stainless steel surfaces
  • KURKO: Composites for tissue construction
  • NANOmat: Modular spectromicroscopy system for nanomaterials synthesis and characterization (FIRI project)
  • Biofunc: Biofunctionalization of stainless steel surfaces using novel electrospray mediated supersonic molecular beam deposition technique
  • SR-MAXIV: Synchrotron radiation based studies at MAX IV Laboratory (FIRI project)
  • HYBRIDS: Multifunctional thin coatings – Creating innovative and sustainable solutions with multifunctional properties