At present, Surface Science Group is engaged in the following projects:

Finished projects:

  • Liquid Sun homepage, Liquid Sun research card: Solar-to-fuel-cell – Liquid Sun is the answer to energy solutions of the future by turning CO2 and H2 into liquid hydrocarbons such as formic acid and methanol with the energy coming from the Sun (Funding: Business Finland)
  • STEELY: Steely way to sustainable hydrogen economy – Thermally grown oxides on advanced iron alloys for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production by solar water splitting (Funding: Academy of Finland)
  • APS-panel: Artificial Photosynthesis Panel – Mimicking the nature’s blueprint of sustainable energy production (Funding: Academy of Finland)
  • FinEstBeaMS: MAX IV Infrastructure – FinEstBeaMS Solid State Materials Research (FIRI project)
  • PerforMant: Enhancing performance of artificial photosynthesis by engineered nanomaterials and photon management
  • Synchrotron radiation mediated research at MAX IV Laboratory (Lund University, Sweden):
    • The effect of minor alloying elements on the initial stages of surface oxide formation on FeCr alloys for biomedical applications
    • Core-level photoelectron and x-ray absorption spectroscopy of biofunctional layers on advanced metal alloys
    • Adsorption geometry and electronic structure of maleimide on silanized FeCr single crystal surface
  • FABRICS: Fabrication and service performance of advanced stainless steels for demanding exhaust applications
  • NanoFinish: Nanostructures and finishing of advanced stainless steel surfaces
  • KURKO: Composites for tissue construction
  • NANOmat: Modular spectromicroscopy system for nanomaterials synthesis and characterization (FIRI project)
  • Biofunc: Biofunctionalization of stainless steel surfaces using novel electrospray mediated supersonic molecular beam deposition technique
  • SR-MAXIV: Synchrotron radiation based studies at MAX IV Laboratory (FIRI project)
  • HYBRIDS: Multifunctional thin coatings – Creating innovative and sustainable solutions with multifunctional properties