Doctoral Programme

TAPRI is the only higher education institute in Finland that offers a Doctoral Degree in Peace and Conflict Research.


All doctoral students of Peace and Conflict Research are members of the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences that includes the following disciplines: Social Anthropology; Social Policy; Social Psychology; Social Work; Sociology; Gender Studies; and Peace and Conflict Studies.

The Doctoral Degree takes approximately four years and is worth 240 ECTS credits. Doctoral studies require independent research and a Doctoral dissertation. The aim of the programme is to offer education in research that provides diversified skills for working in demanding specialist and research duties.

Postgraduate studies enhance general theoretical and methodological skills, train students to work in multidisciplinary research groups and develop their ethical and practical working life skills. A graduate of the doctoral programme knows the theories and the methods of his or her own discipline exceedingly well, has a broad knowledge of social research and its issues, and can evaluate the significance of the various research approaches and methods.

TAPRI organizes supervision and its own research seminar. Doctoral students in Peace and Conflict Research become a member of TAPRI community with senior researchers and MA students. In the selection process of potential applicants we are emphasizing convenience of suggested research topic to focal points of research at TAPRI and availability of appropriate supervisors. The priority areas of research are: Feminist Peace Research, Peace Mediation and Peacebuilding, Everyday Peace and Global Mobility.

Application period twice a year (application periods in April and October)

If you are interested apply for the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences. You can find our admission requirements at Tampere University’s Admissions page and explore the curriculum.