Below is the PEACE programme curriculum (2021-2022)

Program Level Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Master’s Degree Programme in Peace, Mediation, and Conflict Research, the student:

  • is able to assume active roles to recognize, analyze, and resolve global and local challenges and to become a proactive contributor to a more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, and secure world.
  • possesses an interdisciplinary understanding of the short and long term consequences of conflicts.
  • learns to analyze the evolution of conflicts and recognize diverse forms of violence.
  • learns to understand the preconditions for conflict transformation, conflict prevention, and peace in local as well as in global contexts.
  • is familiarized with the meanings and practices of peace and their historical development
  • possesses an understanding of peace processes and mediation as a form of dialogue.
  • is familiarized with theories and praxis of peacebuilding and mediation.

Programme structure (120 ECTS):

  • Joint Studies, 17-22 ECTS
    • Joint Studies for International Students, 22 ECTS
    • Joint Studies for Students with School Education in Finnish, 17 ECTS
  • Advanced Studies in Peace and Conflict Research, 90 ECTS
    • Studies in Peace and Conflict Research, 25-35 ECTS
    • Professional and Transferable Skills, 10-20 ECTS
    • Thesis Studies, 45 ECTS
  • Free Choice Studies, 8-13 ECTS

Full version of 2021/2022 curriculum is available here.