TIPSY (Tampere International Global Society Students) is a student association at Tampere University which represents the students of the Global Society Framework: Peace, Mediation, and Conflict Research, Global and Transnational Sociology, Public Choice, Comparative Social Policy, and Gender Studies.

As the student association for the GSF Master’s Degree students, we represent the academic interests of the students while working with the staff of the GSF degree programmes. Our board members convey our interests and issues to the university staff through steering committee meetings and program feedback sessions. We aim to be influential in these committees by discussing ideas for new courses and furthering the development of the program.

Additionally, we organize social events that bring together students of the GSF programmes as well as students from other programmes at Tampere University. Our events are open to all students interested in the topics of our events.

TIPSY holds regular meetings to update all members on the ongoing activities of the TIPSY board regarding academic affairs and social events. For students who wish to join TIPSY, the membership requirement is a one time fee of 5€.

TIPSY also organizes the annual student conference Peace Perspectives, which can be found here.

In October 2018, nine TIPSY members travelled to Sarajevo for a week-long excursion. Read here about the participant’s experiences and thoughts about the excursion.

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