TAPRI Thematic Doctoral Seminar

In the upcoming “TAPRI Thematic Doctoral Seminar” we will have an occasion to concentrate on the Syrian traditions of local governance and mediation that prevailed before the civil war and that still have a role to play in country’s attempt to survey the traumas of that violent and destructive conflict. In particular, Armenak Tokmajyan will talk about the theme of "Brokers of Stability: Local Intermediaries and State violence in pre-2011 Syria."

Armenak Tokmajyan is well known in TAPRI because he was the “primus” in the first class of our MA program “Peace, mediation and conflict research” in early 2010’s. Since then he has divided his activities between the Central European University in Budapest and the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, where Armenak Tokmajyan acts as an eminent Non-resident Fellow. But as he is an active young research fellow he continues his studies in TAPRI as a doctoral candidate. This year Armenak Tokmajyan has also created with his colleagues an interesting research structure called Mintaqa (https://www.mintaqa.org/), which aims to promote the research activities and capacities among young local research graduates in the Machriq, especially focusing on the local dimensions of inspirations.

The seminar will take place on Thursday, 9 June 2022 at 13h00-16h00 (Helsinki time) via Zoom.

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