TAPRI Senior Researchers Marko Lehti and Élise Féron at the 2023 Reimagining Peace Conference

The conference "Reimagining peace: New agendas for research & policy in times of conflict" was held at the Flemish Parliament in Brussels on Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 May 2023.

The conference that was possible thanks to the cooperation of TAPRI (Tampere Peace Research Institute), the Post-Conflict Research Center Sarajevo, the Peace Research Center Prague and the Peace Research Institute Oslo, counted with a varied program.

TAPRI director Marko Lehti was part of the panel discussion on Europe and peace in the world, along Lisa Musiol (International Crisis Group). Besides, he participated in the last session entitled Next Generation Peace Research.

On the other hand, Senior Research Fellow Élise Féron chaired the session on Feminist Peace Research, which counted with the participation of Itziar Mujika Chao (University of the Basque Country), Swati Parashar, (University of Gothenburg) and Punam Yadav (University College London).

The full program of the conference is available in the following link.