International Workshop: Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation as seen from the North of Europe

Co-organized by the Tampere University and the University of Perugia, the international workshop on "Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation as seen from the North of Europe" will take place on May 17, 2022.

The workshop will consist of three main sessions:

  • Introduction into the Nordic Visions on the Mediterranean World
  • Nordic World as seen from the Middle East and the Balkans
  • Nordic Attitudes as seen by the others and visa versa

Prominent researchers, historians and professors will join us to discuss the topics based on the observations of years-long research. More about the contents of the workshop can be found in the poster attached to the announcement.

The workshop will physically take place in Aulanko-Hämeenlinna starting at 10:00 on May 17th and it will be livestreamed on Zoom. If you want to join us click on the following link: