TAUCHI website updating speeds up

TAUCHI webpages are currently under heavy redesign process. The home page was cleaned and updated, outdated information and unnecessary pages removed, the research groups page redesigned, and the dissertations page redesigned and filled with the missing info. Similar tiled pattern as on research groups pages was used to construct the latter two pages; the list of dissertation shown on a white background, however.

The TAUCHI-web team is working now on the list of TAICHI members and the list of projects. It is supposed that the list of projects will be as full as possible, but very old minor projects from late 1990-s and early 2000-s may be gone from the history already. Pages constituting chapter “Services” will not be redesigned and will stay as they are for a while, until moved to a separate website under a another tuni.fi subdomain.

The TAUCHI website major redesign process should be completed by the mid of December 2021, as planned initially.