XR-SPACE project

XR-SPACE: XR Simulation and Presence at the Cloud Edge project was presented by Markku Turunen during the internal TAUCHI meeting. The project has two main objectives: create and develop multi-dimensional analytics of vehicles used in professional environments (e.g. in heavy, air and maritime transport). Applications of interest include both simulated and real operating environments. The second objective is to connect remote people virtually with photo-realistic volumetric video communication system that support real-time holographic interaction between multiple participants (e.g. in remote meetings, maintenance, training and operation). Project partners are Creanex, Finnair, Groke Technologies, Metropolia, Pohjola Insurance, SAAB Finland, Softability Xreach, Taipale Telematics, Tampere University, Varjo and Viaccess-Orca Finland.

Markku Turunen

  • Professor
  • vuorovaikutteinen teknologia
  • Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences
  • Tampere University
  • +358405339689
  • markku.turunen@tuni.fi