Here, you can access the presentations from the "Towards Sustainable Societies: Health in All Policies and Social Determinants of Health Seminar," held in Tampere, Finland, on September 5 and 6, 2023.

Explore the insights shared during the event, organized by day and topic.

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Day 1 – September 5, 2023

Towards Social Sustainability

Baum, F. (2023). Equity and Challenges Relating to Health in All Policies (HiAP).

Allen, J. (2023). State of Social Determinants of Health.

Razavi, S. (2023). Role of Social Protection in the Contemporary World (ILO).

Challenges and Potential for HIAP

Williams, C. (2023). New WHO Guidance for Multisectoral Collaboration.

Hormazabal, O. S. (2023). HiAP at the Local Level: Experiences from the WHO-PAHO Special Initiative for Action on SDH.

Shankardass, K. (2023). Applied Research Methods for Studying HiAP Implementation at the Local Level.

Social Protection and Health – Examples in Different Contexts

Baru, R. (2023). Aging, Health, and Wider Societal Context in China and India

Kaakinen, J. (2023). Enhancing Housing and Health.

Zembe-Mkabile, W. (2023). Child Social Policy in South Africa.

Jaramillo, E. (2023). Advocating for Social Protection in the Context of TB

Launch of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Health in All Policies and the Social Determinants of Health 

Kokkinen, L. (2023). Collaborating Centre Focus and Terms of Reference.

Brown, C. (2023). Looking Ahead: How Can WHO Collaborating Centres and the GNHiAP Support the WHO’s Work on Wellbeing Economy?

Koivisto, T. (2023). Reflecting on HIAP and Wellbeing Economy.

Day 2 – September 6, 2023

The Politics of Framing – Navigating HiAP Through Changing Times and Context

Ollila, E. (2023). HiAP in Finland.

Mushi, R. J. (2023). Health in All Policies Framework in Tanzania.

Caplan, J. (2023). Navigating Health and Equity in All Policies Through Changing Times: The California HiAP Task Force

Panel: Country Case Studies – The Four HiAP Pillars Delivering Impact

Ståhl, T. (2023). Monitoring Local Level Implementation of Health in All Policies in Finland – Foundation for Enhancing the Four HiAP Pillars.

Arruda, H. (2023). The Government Policy for Health Prevention in Quebec and the Four Pillars of the New “Health in All Policies” Model.

Posayanonda, T. (2023). Multisectoral Collaboration and HiAP Approach Towards Health Equity: Thailand Experience.

Garcia Delgadillo, J. (2023). California Health in All Policies Task Force: The Four Pillars for Developing Impact.

Higgins, A. (2023). Cheshire and Merseyside, NW England: All Together Fairer Implementation Programme.