Publicity | Privacy - Completed Projects

Journalism in the Era of Global Leaks

Democracy, political representation and equality in new online publics
Traces conceptions of representational democracy formed in new online publics, especially as it appears in tweets sent by politicians and commented by journalists.

Wikileaks and Journalism in the New Information Ecosystem
The research project compares established journalistic media and online leak sites such as Wikileaks, and investigates the relations between the two.

Aggressive Discussion in Social Media and Journalism – Restricting Freedom of Speech?
This project examines, how aggressive speech in media alters public discussion and journalistic and internet practices.

Immigration-related Political Debate in 2011 Parliamentary Elections
The project aims to examine immigration-related political discussion during the 2011 parliamentary elections and analyze how immigration-related issues reciprocate between traditional and social media.

Experiencing Political Publicity
The study examines what factors make public participation meaningful and what kinds of risks it involves.

The Network Society as a Paradigm for Legal and Societal Thinking (NETSO)
Project generates basic knowledge of the theoretical foundations and context of the network society development.