Lars Nyre

Lars Nyre works with experimental and qualitative research on the potential for good communication in new media, and he explores socio-technical qualities in radio, television, mobile telephony and the world wide web.

Nyre’s d

octoral dissertation was published on Routledge in 2008 with the title Sound Media. From Live Journalism to Music Recording. Nyre’s post-doc project ‘The Good Communication Articles’ is being published as a series of five journal articles in Journalism Studies, The Journal of Radio and Audio MediaNordicom ReviewJavnost – the Public and Political Communication. In 2004 Nyre published the textbook Radioradio. Lyd i journalistikk [Radioradio. Sound in journalism] along with the broadcast journalist Linda Eide.

Nyre is a member of the board of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA). He is a member of the editorial board of the Norwegian Journal of Media Studies, and from 2009 Nyre will be the new editor.

Associate Professor Lars Nyre
P.O. Box 7802
5020 Bergen

Email: Lars.Nyre @

Sound Media. From Live Journalism to Music Recording. London: Routledge 2008.

Fidelity Matters. Sound Media and Realism in the 20th Century. University of Bergen, Norway.