DRACE works on a series of empirical research projects concerned with the development of radio and audio media. This research is the basis for presentations at conferences and articles in books and journals.

Our reseach is rooted in two interests; curiosity about what will happen in the future, and facts about what happens at present.

Innovation processes in radio and audio media

DRACE is developing a series of new empirical projects that deal explicitly with the innovation processes in the European and American radio business. Papers will be presented at ECREA’s biannual conference in Barcelona in November 2008.

Appraising 20 years of digital radio in Europe

A book will be published on Intellect Press in 2010. This co-written monograph appraises the strategies that the radio industry has adopted to cope with the novelties of digital radio from the mid-1980s onward. Individual contributions trace the histories, policies and industry adoption of competing approaches to bringing radio into the digital era.