Collaboration with scientific & public institutions/organisations

The Association Finlandssvenska Teckenspråkiga r.f. (Lindberg Hanna: Scientific Advisor)

Association of Middle East Children and Youth Studies (AMECYS) (Morrison Heidi: President)

Bloomsbury Academic, History of Emotions Series (Boddice Rob: Editorial board member)

Centre for the Politics of Feeling (Boddice Rob: Advisory Board member)

Children’s History Society (UK) (Olsen Stephanie: Overseas Committee Member)

DuvTeatern (Kuuliala Jenni: Scientific Advisor in production I det stora landskapet – Satumainen perhekronikka)

Ernst Reuter Gesellschaft (Boddice Rob: Member)

European Commission (Vahtikari Tanja: Expert in cultural heritage research 2017-2019)

European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) (Markkola Pirjo: Management Committee and Core Group Member/Working Group Chair; Suodenjoki Sami: Management Committee Member; Annola Johanna: Management Committee Vice Member; Lindberg Hanna: Management Committee Vice Member)

The Finnish Museum of the Deaf (Lindberg Hanna: collecting interviews of Finland-Swedish deaf persons)

The Finnish Society for Labour History (Suodenjoki Sami: Board Chair)

Finnish Society for Urban Studies (Vahtikari Tanja: board member)

ICOMOS-International Council on Monuments and Sites (Vahtikari Tanja: Member of the Finnish department)

Lapsiasianneuvottelukunta (Board of Child Affairs) (Malinen Antti: Board Member 2019-2024)

Lapsuudentutkimuksen seura (The Finnish Society fo Childhood Studies) (Malinen Antti: Board Member)

National Library of Finland (Heikki Kokko: Translocalis Database)

National Union of University Students in Finland (Kaarninen Mervi: Scientific Advisor)

Nälkä! Exhibition (Tampere, Oulu & Portumna Ireland) (Newby Andrew: Chair of organizing committee)

Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) (Morrison Heidi: Board Member)

PERLA, Lapsuuden, nuoruuden ja perheen tutkimuskeskus (Tampere Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research) (Malinen Antti: Board Member)

Pesäpuu Society´s project X-ketju (Malinen Antti: Board Member; Markkola Pirjo: Board Member)

REACH, Re-designing access to Cultural Heritage (Horizon2020) (Vahtikari Tanja: Associate partner)

Routledge Studies in the Histories of Children and Youth (Olsen Stephanie: Editorial Board Member)

Royal Historical Society (Boddice Rob, Olsen Stephanie: Fellow)

Society for the History of Children and Youth, Grace Abbott Book Prize Committee (Olsen Stephanie: Chair 2019-2020) & Outreach Committee (Olsen Stephanie: Chair 2017-2018)

Sodan ja rauhan keskus Muisti (Muisti, The Centre of War and Peace) (Kivimäki Ville: Scientific Board Member)

Suomen Historiallinen Seura (Finnish Historical Society) (Kajala-Peltomaa Sari: Board Chair 2018-2019)

Suomen Kasvatuksen ja Koulutuksen historian Seura (The Finnish Society for the History of Education)  (Kaarninen Mervi: Board Member)

Time Machine (Heikki Kokko: Translocalis Database)

Vammaisuuden vaiettu historia (Funded by Kone Foundation) (Kuuliala Jenni: Project Director)

Vihan Pitkät Jäljet -project (The Long Shadow of Hatred), University of Turku/Funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation (Kuuliala Jenni & Toivo Raisa: History Expert and Author of the browsergame The Long Shadow of Hatred)