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Upcoming Events 2024

Tue 10 Sep (14-16): Season opening seminar

Tue 29 Oct (14-16): Lived Religion meeting

Tue 5 Nov (14-16): HEX Handbook seminar – Invited lecture with Q&A by Tiffany Watt Smith (Queen Mary, University of London)

Past Events 2024

Tue 28 May (10-14): HEX Key Concept Workshop & End of Season (Museum Center Vapriikki)

Thu-Fri 23-24 May: Exploring Historical War Experiences through Digital Sources and Methodologies Workshop – Programme & more info

Tue 14 May (14-16): Karen McCluskey: Experiencing Book of Hours: Manuscripts as Cognitive Environments (Online)

Tue 7 May (14-16): Ranjana Saha: Medicine, Mothercraft & Materialities: ‘Scientific’ Motherhood Advice in Colonial Bengal (Linna K108)

Tue 9 Apr (14-16): Sinikka Selin: Children’s and young people’s readings of Finnish identity and European integration in the early 1990s (Linna K108)

Tue 26 March (14.15-16): Lived religion seminar: Ongoing trends in the field (Pinni B 3112)

Tue 19 Mar (14-16): Conference Feedback Meeting (Pinni B4116)

Mon-Wed 11-13 Mar: HEX Conference – Temporality and Experience
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Tue 5 Mar (14-16): Saku Pihko: Belief as Experience. Lived Religion and the Process of Believing in Medieval Inquisition Records (Pinni B4116)

Thu 15 Feb (16-18): Katie Barclay: Intergenerational Emotions and Family History: Temporal Feelings and National Stories (Pinni B1096)

Tue 13 Feb (14-16): Book Launch – Lived Institutions as History of Experience (Pinni B4116)

Tue 6 Feb (13-14): Sara Honarmand-Ebrahimi: Constructing a Design Team’s Lived Experiences of Internationalism (Linna K110)

Thu-Fri 1-2 Feb: Experiencing the Nation – New Theoretical and Methodological Approaches in Historical Nationalism Studies. Finnland-Institut in Deutschland, Berlin.

Past Events 2023

Thu 14 Dec (14.00-16.00): Disability & Lived Religion Workshop (Pinni B3032)

Tue 28 Nov (14.00-16.00): Daniel Blackie: Disability Experience (Linna K109)

Thu 23 Nov: Expectations and Uncertainties: Liminal Experiences in the Baltic Sea Region in the Early 1990s Workshop (Tampere University Main Building Auditorium A4)
Description & Programme

Tue 21 Nov (14.00-16.00): Godelinde Perk: Translating Saints: Memory and the Liturgies of Virgin Martyrs in the Diepenveen Sister-book (Linna K109)

Tue 7 Nov (14.00-16.00): Ville Kivimäki: Emotions and the History of Experience (article manuscript with Kerstin Pahl) (Linna K109)

Tue 24 Oct: HEX Workshop – “Lived Experience”

Wed 18 Oct (12.15-14.00): Lived religion-meeting: Time and temporality (Pinni B3108)

Tue 10 Oct (14.00-16.00): Kamilla Matthiassen: The Women of Christianshavn
Life conditions of the prisoners in the Penal Institution of Christianshavn, 1865-1879
(Pinni B3110)

Tue 3 Oct (14.00-16.00): Silke Neunsinger (Swedish Labour Movement’s Archives and Library): Minimum wages in the Indian Bidi Industry – a journey from Ahmedabad to Geneva (Linna K110)

Thu 21 Sep (14.00-16.00): Lived religion seminar: Lauri Moilanen (University of Oulu): Religious distress among suicidal murderers in early modern Finland (Pinni B 3108)

Tue 12 Sep (14.15-16.00): Miia Kuha: 17th-century Lutheran pastors’ wives as a community of experience (B 4113)

Tue 29 Aug: Autumn season kick-off seminar

Wed-Thu 7-8 Jun: Outsiders, Outcasts and Eccentrics: Experiences of Deviancy and Deviant Experiences Workshop.

Tue 30 May (9.30-12.30): Materialism and Experience Workshop

Tue 23 May (14.00-16.00): Teresa Willenborg: Children between Poland and Germany. Social welfare for unaccompanied German children in Post-War Poland

Victoria Bates: Sensing Spaces of Healthcare: Rethinking the NHS [National Health Service] Hospital

Tue-Wed 9-10 May: HEX Art & Lived Religion Workshop

Tue 9 May (16.00-17.00): HEX Lecture Series – Rob Boddice: Pain: A Sensational history of Knowledge and Experience

Mon-Tue 24-25 Apr: Children, Media and Communication: New Histories of Experience Workshop. More information, registration & programme: CLICK HERE

Fri 21 Apr: Pappiloiden naiset workshop (in Finnish)

Tue 18 Apr (14.00-15.30): Pirjo Markkola – Education as Lived Welfare. A History of Experience Perspective on Children and the Welfare State

Tue 18 Apr (16.00-17.00): HEX Lecture Series – Caitriona Beaumont, Eve Colpus & Ruth Davidson: The Experience of Collective Working: the principles and practice of developing an edited collection

Thu 13 Apr (12.00-13.00): HEX Lecture Series – Karen McCluskey: (Dis)Ability in Art: ancient, medieval, modern

Tue 4. Apr (14.00-16.00): Caitriona Beaumont, Eve Colpus & Ruth Davidson: Histories of Welfare in Modern Britain: Experiential Expertise, Action and Activism

Tue 28 Mar (14.00-16.00): Aapo Roselius & Tuomas Tepora: The end of the Cold War and Finland´s new “near abroad”: The changing mental landscape and the memory of the Second World War

Tue 21 Mar (14.00-16.00): Mette Buchardt & Sophy Bergenheim: Educating newcomers to the welfare state. Organizational responses to migration 1960s-2010s and their influence on Danish central policy


Fri 3 Mar (14.00-15.30): Lived religion and Cultural Scripts -Workshop (Online only)

Tue 21 Feb: HEX & Narrare Workshop

  • Mari Hatavara (narrative studies): master and counter narratives
  • Marja Jalava (history): master and counter narratives
  • Matti Hyvärinen (narrative studies): cultural scripts
  • Sari Katajala-Peltomaa (history): cultural scripts

Tue 14 Feb (16.00-17.00): HEX Lecture Series – Päivi Räisänen-Shröder: Experiencing and doing religion in 16th century Germany

Tue 14 Feb (14.00-16.00): Tinashe Muskahavanhu: The Stone Philosophers

Tue 7 Feb (14.00-16.00): Jasmina Korczak: Protestant peasants in early-modern Poland

Pierre-Marie Delpu: Experiencing Martyrdom and becoming a Martyr. Political Martyr’s Last Words (Southern Europe 1840s-1860s)

Mon 30 Jan (12.00-14.00): Lived Religion – Lived Theology -Workshop

Fri 27 Jan (12.00-17.00): Season Kick-off + Memory & Experience -Workshop

Tue 10 Jan (16.00-17.00): HEX Lecture Series – Mari Eyice: Aches and ailments: bodily discomfort and the experience of dis/ability in 17th century Sweden

Past Events 2022

Tue 29 Nov: Tomasz Wislicz: Early modern catholic discourse on visionary experience in cross-religious and diachronic perspectives

Louise Settle: Mass Observation and Women’s Experiences of Emotional Labour during the 1990s in Britain

Mon 28 Nov: Minorities and the History of Lived Religion -Workshop

Tue 15 Nov: Ian Miller: Experiencing the Politics of Self-Esteem in Post-War America

Ella Viitaniemi: Experiencing the short-term jobs in early modern Swedish realm

Tue 8. Nov: Ville Vuolanto: Experience, and Enslavement of a Child in Late Roman Egypt

Ofer Idels: Jewish life in Modern Palestine and the Hebrew Revolutionary Experience: History, Historiography and Methodology

Mon 7. Nov: Lived religion, experience and embodied geographies in prison life Workshop

Mon-Tue 31.Oct-1.Nov: Analyzing narratives and experience in history –workshop. Further information here

Tue 25. Oct: Digital handbook of the history of experience -Launch

Tue 18. Oct: Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi: “Centring Emotions in Architectural Historiographies of Modern European Imperialism”

Fri 30. Sept: Kuulluksi-workshop

Wed 28 Sept: Book launch: Rob Boddice – Tunteiden historia (The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Väinö Linnan aukio 8, Tampere)

Tue 13. Sept: Simon Sleight: ‘From “agency” to “experience”: deeds and words in the histories of childhood and   youth’

Tessa Whitehouse: Letter-Writing, life-cycle events, and the daily faith

Thu-Fri 8.-9. Sept: Everyday Emotional and Sensory Materialities -workshop. Further information here

Tue 6 Sept: HEX Seminar Kick-off

Tue 7 Jun, 14-16: DolorèsMartin Moruno – The Experience of Black Nurse during the Long Second World War: Salaria Kea O’Reilly (Book Chapter)

Thu 2 Jun, 17-20: The Future of Social History – Seminar to Celebrate Professor Emeritus Pertti Haapala Registration and programme

Tue 17 May, 14-16: Klaus Petersen ja Cecilie Bjerre – ”Our history” – a Citizen Science project on historical experiences of the family revolution (ca. 1960-1980) in Denmark

Wed 11 May, 15-17: PhD Seminar – Jenni Räikkönen & Riikka Suominen (Commentator: Whitney Wood)

Tue 3 May, 14-16: Tuomas Laine-Frigren – Ask the Doctor: Mental Hygiene Among the Young in Fin-de-Siècle Finland

Tue 12 Apr, 14-16: Whitney Wood – “Sensory Histories of Childbirth in Twentieth-Century Canada”

Tue 5 Apr, 14-16: Kate Bradley – Connecting the Disconnected: Technology, advice, and civil rights in Britain, 1950-2000 – a research update.

Tue 15 Mar, 14-16 HEX Poster Seminar

Tue 8 Mar, 14-16: Mikkel Thelle – “Experiencing public space. Interpellation and sonic territories in Copenhagen around 1900″

Tue 22 Feb, 14-16: Karen McCluskey – “HEXart: an exploration of the intersection of the History of Experience and Art History”

Tue 15 Feb, 14-16: Sari Katajala-Peltomaa – Lived Religion in Medieval Finland – project introduction

Tue 8 Feb, 14-16: Oana Cojocaru – “Childhood and Experiences of Disability in Byzantium”

Tue 18 Jan, 14-16: Season Kick-off

Past Events 2021

Tue 7 Dec, 14-16: The history of experience of disenfranchised groups, minorities and marginalized subjects – methodology, ethics, positionality

Tue 30 Nov, 14-16: Riikka Miettinen & Kirsi Kanerva – Experiencing Anxieties in Medieval and Early Modern Northern Europe – book introduction draft

Tue 23 Nov, 14-16: Katrine Rønsig Larsen – ”Emotional Echoes as an Analytical Tool, and Collective Experiences of Family Violence in Denmark, 1970-2020 ”

Tue 16 Nov, 14-16: Otso Kortekangas (Postdoctoral researcher, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) – “Indigenous avant la lettre. The origins and livelihoods of the Sámi in Nordic scholarly thought 1930–1960” (organized in cooperation with Tanja Vahtikari’s project “Baby Box as an Emotional Object”)

Tue 2 Nov, 14-16: Ville Kivimäki, Risto Turunen & Ilari Taskinen – History of experience & digital humanities

Tue 26 Oct, 14-16: Ulla Ijäs: “A rural priest in the 19th-century Finland:sources and the history of experience”

Tue 12 Oct, 14-16: HEX Publication Strategy seminar

Tue 5 Oct, 14-16: Tuomas Tepora: Project introduction. A Dim Light of Dawn: Finnish Post-Cold War Experiences Between East and West, 1989–1995

Tue 21. Sept, 14-16: Johanna Annola & Katariina Parhi: Dead-end work: Historical explorations of life in confinement, 1800s-1980s

Mon 7. June, 14-16: Thomas Devaney – “A noise that seems as if it will shake the world apart”: auditory perception and emotional experience in early modern Spain

Mon 10. May, 14-16: Klaus Petersen & Johanna Sköld – Inquiries, truth commissions and the politics of history

Mon 19. Apr, 14-16: Kate Bradley – Connecting the Disconnected: Technology, Advice, and Civil Rights in Britain, 1950-2000

Mon 22. Mar, 14-16: Anna Rajavuori – Dressed as a Socialist. Deputy Speaker Yrjö Sirola’s Performance in the Opening of the Parliament 1908

Mon 15. Mar, 14-16:Conference Feedback + Wiktor Marzec – Landed Nation. Land Reform and Ethnic Diversity in the Interwar Polish Parliament

8.-12. Mar: HEX Conference

Mon 22. Feb 14-16: Heikki Kokko & Minna Harjula – Sediments, layers and scenes: A social science history approach to experiences

Mon 8. Feb, 14-16: Kalle Kananoja – “Many dangers lurk in the tropics” – Lived medicine in twentieth-century Owamboland

Mon 1. Feb, 14-16: Book launch: Rob Boddice – Humane Professions & Sari Katajala-Peltomaa – Demonic Possession and Lived Religion in Later Medieval Europe

Mon 25 January, 14-16: Heidi Morrison – Introduction: Lived Resistance: Interrupting Unchilding in Palestine

Thu 14 January, 14-16: Kick off + Claudia Eggart – ‘People Pointed a Finger at Us’. Shame and Pride in the Biographies of Female Shuttle Traders in Post-Soviet Russia


Past Events 2020

Mon 14 December, 14-16: Ismay Milford – Moral Re-armament in East Africa: Decolonisation, the Cold War and a spiritual retreat in the Swiss Alps

Thu 10 December, 12-14: Mari Eyice – The outer periphery of empathy. Disability and emotional practices in early modern Sweden

Mon 7 December, 14-16: Rob Boddice

Mon 30 November, 14-16: Raisa Toivo & Sari Katajala-Peltomaa – Lived Religion, Introduction

Mon 23 November, 14-16: Ville Kivimäki – Experiencing Trauma Before Trauma. Posttraumatic Memory Among the Finnish Soldiers in the 1940s and 1950s

Mon 2 November, 14-16: Tanja Vahtikari – Project presentation: Baby Box as an Emotional Object: the Sociomaterial Experiences of the Finnish Welfare State from the 1930s to the Present

Mon 26 October, 14-16: Sigríður Matthíasdóttir – Agency and Everyday Experiences of an East Icelandic Migrant and Entrepreneur Pálína Waage´s “Lived Religion” and “Lived Nationalism”

Mon 5 October, 14-16: Heidi Morrison & Per Ashorn – “Historians and Medical Scientists Doing Collaborative Work: An Open Conversation”

Mon 28 September, 14-16: Tuomas Laine-Frigren – Children on the Move. The Readjustment of Child Evacuees Returning to Finland After World War II

Mon 7 September, 12-16: HEX kickoff meeting at museum centre Vapriikki

Mon, 18 May, 10-12: Johanna Annola, Minna Harjula & Hanna Lindberg – Cleaning Up the North -project (Teams)

Mon 4 May, 10-12: Raisa Toivo & Sari Katajala-Peltomaa: Gender and Lived Religion in Medieval and Early Modern Europe -project (Teams)

Mon 20 April, 10-12: HEX-Conference 2020 Feedback (Teams)

Mon 6 April, 10-12: Ville Kivimäki, Sami Suodenjoki & Tanja Vahtikari Lived Nation -project (Teams)

Mon 9 March, 10-12: Heidi Morrison, guest lecture “Narrations of Survival – The Impact of Being Occupied on Palestinian Children”, Linna 5026

Mon-Wed 2-4 March: The international HEX Conference “History of Experience: Methodologies and Practices”, Tampere University Programme.)

Mon 10 February, 10-12: Miia Kuha: “Parish clergy in the diocese of Vyborg 1650-1710: Career and position in the local community”

Mon 27 January, 10-12: Reetta Eiranen, postdoc project  ’Emotions in Ambivalent Nationalisms’

Mon 13 January, 10-12: HEX workshop


Past Events 2019

Mon 9 December 16-18: HEX Pre-Christmas party

Mon 9 December 10-12: HEX workshop, Rob Boddice, “Experience without foundations, or the perils of empathy”

Mon 25 November 14-16: HEX workshop, Rose-Marie Peake, “‘Fallen Women’ and Queer Revelations in Catholic Reformation France: Project Presentation”

Mon 11 November 10- : NIOD visits HEX

Wed 13 November 15-17: HEX seminar, Ville Kivimäki, “Nocturnal Nation: Posttraumatic Nightmares in Finland after World War II”

Mon 4 November 14-16: HEX workshop, concepts IV

Mon 14 October 14-16: HEX workshop, concepts III

Wed 9 October 15-17: HEX in Research Seminar, Rose-Marie Peake

Mon 16 September 14-16: HEX workshop, Narrare (Centre for Interdisciplinary Narrative Studies) and  the Network of Experience Studies (Kokemuksen tutkimuksen verkosto) are visiting

Wed 21August – Fri 23 August: Conference ‘Experiences of Dis/ability from the Late Middle Ages to the Mid-Twentieth Century’. More information and programme:

Mon 10 June 12-14: HEX workshop, concepts of experience II

Tue 4 June: Workshop (Lived religion): Personalization of pre- and early modern religion

Mon 27 May 14-16: HEX workshop, concepts of experience I

Wed 8 May 15-17: HEX in Research Seminar, Minna Harjula, presentation on citizen experiences in welfate state (“Kun kansalainen kohtasi hyvinvointivaltion: suomalaisten sosiaalivirastojen kokemushistoriaa 1940-1980-luvuilla”)

Mon 29 April 12-14: HEX workshop, Ville Kivimäki, “Feeling the Fatherland. Finnish Soldiers’ Lyrical Attachments to the Nation during the Second World War”

Wed 3.4. klo 15-17: HEX in Research Seminar, Sami Suodenjoki, presentation on song pamphlets in mobilizing working class revolutionary experience (“Arkkiveisut työväen kumouskokemusten mobilisoijina”)

Mon 25.3. klo 14-16: HEX workshop, Antti Malinen, presentation on children’s emotional refuges in Finland in the 1940–1950s (”Kaverit, koirat ja joenmutkat. Lasten emotionaaliset turvapaikat ja niiden saavutettavuus 1940–50-lukujen Suomessa”)

Mon-Tue 4.-5.3. HEX Conference: History of Experience: Theories, Methodologies, and Concepts