Online Seminar Exploring Deaf Histories November 25, 2021, 14-16 (CET)

Arranged by Minority Citizenship in the Finnish Welfare State. The Case of the Finland-Swedish Deaf, ca. 1950-2000
(Tampere University/Academy of Finland)

This online seminar brings together ongoing research in the field of Deaf History, focusing on the effects of medicine, welfare state development and rights movements, in the lives of d/Deaf people and the formation of
d/Deaf communities in the 19th and 20th
centuries. With examples from Central and Northern Europe, the participants will discuss local and national histories of d/Deaf people, and how major developments in policy, ideology, and medicine shaped minority  identities and collective experiences.

Presentations by Clara-Maria Kutsch, Maija Koivisto, Hanna Lindberg, Sonja Matter and Vera Blaser, with comments by Claire L. Shawand Anja Werner.

Seminar languages: English, International Sign,
Austrian Sign Language.

Registration until November 24: