Lived Institutions and Experiencing Society: Call for Papers for two edited volumes

The Lived Welfare State Team of the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in the History of Experience (HEX) has opened Calls for Papers on two edited volumes. The deadline for submissions for both books is February 15, 2021.

Lived Institutions focuses on lived institutions, lived institutional care, and encounters between individuals and institutions, ca 1700s–2000s. We explore the multilayered historicity of the welfare state from below and apply a long historical perspective on institutions and institutional care. The book is edited by Pirjo Markkola, Johanna Annola and Hanna Lindberg. See more: Lived Institutions CFP

Experiencing Society: Lived Welfare State focuses on the experience of society and opens a new approach to how the welfare state is/was lived. We call for a fresh theoretical, methodological and empirical gaze to bridge the micro from-below analysis and macro analysis of societal structures and ideology. As the lived welfare state conveys the multilayered experiences of a modernizing society, the analysis requires a long historical perspective. The book is edited by Pertti Haapala, Minna Harjula and Heikki Kokko. See more: Experiencing Society: Lived Welfare State CFP