Memory collection on the transition period of the early 1990s

Do you have memories of the 1990s? Memory collection on the transition period of the early 1990s 15.8.2022-15.1.2023

The break-up of the Soviet Union and the liberation of Eastern Europe, the economic recession and mass unemployment, the debate on EU membership, patriotism and national identity, the Ice Hockey World Cup. What do you remember about the upheaval of the 1990s and its impact on your life? Do the experiences of the era live on as family traditions; does the media’s portrayal of the era have an impact? We are gathering empirical evidence on how the major changes and events of the 1990s affected the lives of ordinary people. We are also interested in gaining memories and insights from people who do not remember or have not yet lived through the period. Tell us about the era through both small pictures and big changes. Describe events, situations and feelings as if you were talking to an acquaintance or friend – frankly, without regret.

The collection is organised by the Finnish Literature Society and HEX researcher Tuomas Tepora and Tapere University researcher Antti Saloniemi.

See the Finnish Literature Society’s website for more details on how to participate.